Five Favorites


I’ve linked up with Five Favs before, but this is my first FF post in my new place!  I’d tell you to go check out the rest of the Five Favers at Hallie’s place, but odds are that you just came from there…

1) MindWare Pattern Play

Pattern Play

This game is fun, simple, and so good for little minds and spatial coordination.  I love that it is a wooden game, and I plan to hang on to it for my grandkids, God-willing.  Yesterday the boys (ages 5 and 3) and Amelie and I stretched out on the floor while the boys played.  This works for now because A doesn’t try to destroy the game or eat pieces.  It will become a table game in a few months.

2) Green onions

Ok, I won’t lie: these aren’t exactly my favorite things, but I do really like them.  Last year we received an abundance of them in our CSA box, and my pregnant self was totally overwhelmed.  Then a smartie pants friend of mind said, “Chop them, put them in a ziploc bag, and freeze them.” It’s as simple as that.  And then, when you are making eggs or nachos…or whatever you like to have a few green onions on…you reach in the freezer and grab a handful.  It is THAT simple.  So my favorite thing really is smartie pants friends who share their wisdom.

what smartie pants friends make me feel like

3) Hape Quadrilla Twist and Rail Set – 98 Piece, 50 Marble

Speaking of wooden toys, you better believe that I have my eye on THIS:


I’ve been coveting a marble track for Li and Lo, and this one looks like it has staying power.

4) Exercise

I’m back into it this week for the first real time in a loooong.  Love the mood boost. Love the energy boost. Love the confidence boost.

And I’m so grateful to Hallie for recommending this 5k Runner app.  In all honesty, a year ago I scoffed at this sort of thing for me (not as a good tool for starting out, but for me).  Then wouldn’t you know little-miss-exercise-aholic went and took nearly a year sabbatical and got herself out of shape.  Pride —-> FAIL.  Every. Time.

Anyhow, there are a bunch of apps for this, and I’m sure other good ones, too.  But this one is working for me.

I hate to recommend exercise programs. Because people are so different and there is no miracle plan.  But I will also mention T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus.  I’m trying this out thanks to WellnessMama (please tell me you’ve looked at her site! Love. Her!) and while I haven’t seen “results” yet, let me give you three reasons to look into it:

  • I feel great after I do it (and can do it in most regular clothes and don’t need to shower after) (<—-cheater, cheater pumpkin-eater…that’s three reasons right there!)
  • it takes 15 minutes
  • it takes 15 minutes!!!


5) Chocolate Pie

First, I pinned it.

chocolate pie

Next, I drooled over it:

isn't that cake stand pretty?
isn’t that cake stand pretty?

This sucker is Paleo.  A Paleo treat, but Paleo, nonetheless.  It’s chock (-o-late!) full of good fats…avocado…coconut…and antioxidants…

Finally, I made it.  Twice.  And may or may not have finished it up for breakfast.  Don’t let the avocado in it deter you (it didn’t me); it is the most fabulous chocolate pie you will ever eat. Make sure your avocados are ripe, and the results are super smooth and creamy.

this is the only picture I have to show for it — attractive, I know

(PS – I know the original recipe had a nut crust.  I had gluten-free graham cracker crumbs to use up because we are moving soon, so I just made a GF graham cracker crust using the crumbs and butter, no extra sugar.)

After talking about exercise (and spending a few weeks months complaining about how hard it is to lose weight this post-pregnancy) I’m sure you are looking at number 5 thinking, “I think I know what your problem is…” Yes, true…kinda…BUT…it is a great/enjoyable/yummy way to increase good fat intake into my diet.  And, well, I rest my case. And I do not apologize.

Now hurry back over to Hallie’s place and read up on some more of those Five Favorites!


10 thoughts on “Five Favorites

  1. That marble run looks awesome!!! I want one desperately, but I know there’s no possible way we’ll be able to keep the marbles away from the babies…

  2. I am not an avocado type of girl (I couldn’t even figure out how to spell it at first!), but that chocolate pie just looks delicious! Yummmm! I’d be eating it for breakfast too…and lunch…and dinner…Great list!

    • My kids, one of whom will NOT touch avocados, loved it. As did the family friends who stayed with us last weekend. I enjoy/put up with all manner of “weird food” but this one is, for sure, a crowd pleaser!

  3. WE HAVE THE MARBLE RUN!!!! In Germany, that is. At Oma’s and Opa’s house. Big Boy got it for Christmas when he was a whopping 2.5 (too early). He is now (5) to the point where he begins to be able to assemble it himself. Until now, he was dependent on the mercy of his uncle/mom/Opa to do it, and then it lasted only for a little while before one of his little sister bumped into it and destroyed it. That is more of a problem than the marbles, actually. Hint: Find a board big enough to hold the suggested designs, so you can possibly transport the whole thing out of the danger zone when it is not actively played on. My Dad did that and that made it better.

    • The cake stand IS pretty, however not mine! If you click on the picture it links to the original post; not only could they create a wonderful pie, they could photograph it beee-yu-tifully!!!

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