7 Quick Takes — A First Edition

Joining Jen with 7QTs

In which I take you through a thought progression upon which I am stuck like a broken record:


I start out thinking about all the reading this family does and the fact that we are knee-deep in books.  This leads to wishing that I had an honest-to-goodness library in the house. We have books covering every horizontal surface and not enough bookshelves to even hope of housing them all.

we lived in South Korea for two years / these are JUST the books that we accumulated during that time / we had to buy two large bookcases while we were there
we lived in South Korea for two years / these are JUST the books that we accumulated during that time / we had to buy two large bookcases while we were there

I dream of built-ins and personal libraries and of cozy little nooks in which to curl up and read.

reading nook
one of many I covet


Then I start realizing that this where-to-put-the-books dilemma won’t be resolved any time soon.  Our soon-to-be-temporary-home is going to be a studio apartment.  Five beings.  All their worldly things.  One room.  I’m excited, but only if we can commit to decluttering in order to keep my head from exploding.

think calm thoughts, Maia...calm thoughts...
think calm thoughts, Maia…calm thoughts…


THAT reminds me, for the 55th billionth time, that I don’t do well with clutter.

how we feel about clutter
how we feel about clutter


Which brings me to the fact that my strengths in life do not include decorating or organizing.

case in point
case in point


At which point I start to get sidetracked…thinking about that funny decorating site…what’s the name of that site?…I never can remember…and I inevitably end up googling “pottery barn spoof blog” every few months or so…there I go again, ah yes THAT’S the one: catalogliving.net. Go click over…

a little snarky…sometimes funny, sometimes not as much…always poking fun at unattainable home decor

…read about Gary and Elaine…never look at a decorating magazine the same way again.

You’re welcome.


From there, having been duly entertained for _______ amount of time, I get back to thinking about our living situation.  No, I’m not totally insane to be excited about five of us living in one room. I’ve been looking at pictures of the space this week, and all I can think of is how easy it will be to keep it clean. And  how much TIME this is going to open up…


…for reading!!!


That’s all she wrote, folks. What’s on your reading list this week?


10 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — A First Edition

  1. i have book crammed all over my house too!! and then i forget about how bad it is and get something out of the garage only to find huge plastic storage totes filled with books stacked up!! my husbands solution was to buy me a nook, but i usually end up buying the paperback version if i really like it haha
    grace @ gracelovesiggy.com

    • I spend a great deal of time debating kindle/”real” when I buy a book. Because of I really like it and I need to hold it, I’ll be mad I only have the e-version! And may just end up buying a copy to hold in my hot little hands anyhow.

  2. I loved this too! And I share your love of home libraries. We were blessed to be able to buy a big ol’ Victorian last summer. It has a room that’s always been known as the “parlor”, but which I would looove to re-dub the “library.” Hubby disagrees. He’s very black-and-white about these things. He was like, “It’s always been called the parlor. Why would we call it the library?” And since he did spend 30-some hours on his hands and knees refinishing that room’s floors, I let him win. Sigh. And by the way — all five of you in a studio apartment? You have my great respect. Wow. Good for you! I hope it goes well!

    • Maybe the common ground could be CALL it a parlor but put all the books in it? At this point, if it could corral all the books, I’d be willing call it a potato peeler!!!

      • Yep; that’s the plan! I’m hoping it will one day be a library in everything but name. I once visited a home (that of a college professor), a not-very-large townhouse, with built-in bookcases from floor to (high) ceiling. Besides my love of books, I also loved the look — essentially books in lieu of wallpaper. You could do that kind of decorating, couldn’t you?

  3. I love the piece from catalog living! I’ve never seen it before, but I will definitely be checking it out. As far as the whole book/library thing, I totally understand as we’ve got enough books for a small third world country. Thankfully, most of my kids are heading off to “grown-up land” in the next year or so which means I may be able to reclaim some bookshelves for stuff we’ve got in boxes. At least I’ve got a few books that I’m reading right now- Renewing Catholic Culture by Dr. Ryan Topping, George Weigel’s bio of Blessed John Paul ll (both gifts from my oldest son when he brought them home from college for me) and a book about the last letters written by prisoners of the French Revolution.

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