monday goodness

I love Monday. Garfield I am not.  I love getting things a little more orderly: schedule, house, etc. I feel more relaxed. It’s weird, I know.

Some reasons:

  • I get exercise
  • my house gets clean
  • things like this happen:
they're capes...they're aprons...they're Super Chefs!
they’re capes…they’re aprons…they’re Super Chefs!

…and this:

which reminds me to find things like this, again:

I just had to share the love.


2 thoughts on “monday goodness

  1. For the past few months I have had the good sense to schedule Mondays as “recovery” days for getting the house (and us) back in shape after the weekend. It just occurred to me this afternoon that I’m really starting to like this day of the week — and how different I feel about it now that I’m no longer working! (Er, working outside the home. You know what I mean.)

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