Five Favorites – Random Choo-choo of Consciousness Edition

First order of business: NEXT week, I’ll be hosting a fun “My New Blog + (One of) My New Favorite Things Giveaway”.  Get excited and meet me back here on Wednesday!



This muscle cream


When I started writing this, I had a different order of things.  But gosh darn it if my ankles/heels aren’t killing me! And so Arnica got bumped up to numero uno position. Homeopathic but (hehe!) seems to work. I loved this stuff last year for running aches and pains.  And while my current old-lady-ache-and-pain is a little less glam than I used to brag over, this stuff promises R-E-L-I-E-F. I say promises because I cannot find my tube of it.  And my Achilles is aching. Ordering stat.


This beautiful print ministry



I read all my mom’s old issues of Soul Gardening.  I’m getting a subscription as soon as we move.  This journal is just beautiful and uplifting.  The paper and printing are of wonderful quality.  It is truly a work of art from some truly beautiful people. In a world of blogs (and, yes, I love those, too) this is refreshing.  I encourage you to check out this one.


This creamy substance from heaven


Butter. Specifically grass-fed butter. This stuff makes my everyday.


These rompers from Old Navy

I bought one for a baby shower, and I ended up going online and getting another for A and one in blue for another baby.  If Amelie didn’t already have oodles of gifted clothes, I think I would dress her in nothing but these this summer.  They are so SO practical and so completely cute. And all the colors are simple and sweet. I may/may not be super partial to stripes.


This mug from Barnes and Noble


After oogling this during a few bookstore trips, I purchased this for my husband.  It has a great feel.  It totally fits our house.  And I wager it’s my new favorite mug.  *AHEM*…I mean HIS new favorite mug.

th-th-that’s all! Jump back over to Moxie Wife to see all the other faves this week!


12 thoughts on “Five Favorites – Random Choo-choo of Consciousness Edition

    • I think it originates in the PacNW (where I’m from) — at least that is where it is published and my mom is friends with the woman who designed it. I just love it because I can get my Catholic-momma-bloggy-love feeling but be totally unplugged. Which is sometimes very, very nice!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog which caused me to visit yours. Can’t wait to check out Soul Gardening. Looks fabulous! Also, I am a lover of all things Barnes and Noble. It is my happy place.

  2. I absolutely must get a mug of my very own. I take my hot tea very seriously! I have one favorite mug right now, but there is room in my heart for two, and that one looks fantastic!

  3. That romper is too too cute! If only I needed more baby clothes… I may have gone a little overboard in purchasing summer wardrobe supplements for the twins 😛

  4. That butter is THE BEST. And I am not just saying that because my doctor just ordered me off dairy (refluxy baby – boo) and I am going through withdrawal.

  5. #1: I will have to look into Arnica now that I’m forbidden to take any NSAID’s. (Gotta love ulcers!)

    #2: I think I know the sister-in-law of one of the people who puts it out.

    #3: My parents have headed back to Ireland almost yearly since we went as a family 15 years ago so Kerrygold butter is a staple in their refrigerator.

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