Theme Thursdays link-a-doodle-do

I just can’t help myself…link-ups are a great solution for an out-going-intro-vert.  I get just enough interaction to feel social from the comfort of my own home.  I fear that link-up-mania is setting the tone for this little start-up blog, but I will just deal with the repercussions like a good procrastinator.  You know…LATER.

Meanwhile, I wanted to jump on the Clan Donaldson train because that blog is just dee-lightful.  The theme this week is “Girls”.  I grew up with an annoying little sister who turned out kinda amazing (love you, Belle!) and figured out how to eclipse an older sister who spent her entire life trying to be bigger and gooder at everything. Seriously in awe of everything that my little sister does, even though half the time I don’t think of her as old enough to do any of the things she does! (I am in denial that she is old enough to drink, rent a car, graduate from college, and hold down a job. Sorry, Belle, you will always be my baby sis.) Anyhow, even though “girls” outnumbered “boys” 3-to-1 in my family growing up, I have been outnumbered since my oldest was born. Married a man (1:1). Had a son (2:1). Had another son (3:1). Got a dog (4:1). Had a daughter (4:2).  Maybe there is hope for Team XX, yet!  Today’s photo is not of the best quality, but it is one of my favorites.  Pretty sure that my mom took this one at a moment in the hospital when there were three generations of women present.

This one was taken on the day we brought A home from the hospital (she was actually born in the back seat of our car, but we still had to spend a few days in the hospital).  I will let you guess what day of the year this was…

Today, it’s hard to believe that I was so nervous about raising a girl.  I still am seriously scared of raising her up right and upright and wish that I could protect her from all the mistakes that she will ever make.  Before she was born, people would ask, “Aren’t you soooooo glad to be finally having a girl?” (As if two boys contained all the slugs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails a human being could possibly be expected to manage.) And I would have to honestly admit that I was scared stiff-less because I AM a girl, and I wasn’t sure I could handle someone like me.  I’m amazed every day at how this little ‘un is helping me to forgive myself and love myself.  Such an amazing and unexpected gift.


5 thoughts on “Theme Thursdays link-a-doodle-do

  1. I feel the same way about link-ups! These photos are just precious. I’m a tad nervous about raising girls too- teen years and all that. But like you said, raising a daughter is a gift. 🙂 Born in a car?! Definitely going to have to check out that birth story.

  2. It really IS nerve-wracking raising girls!!! In the early years it’s just because of all those nooks and crannies, but they come with their own set of problems… But they also come with their own set of joys, so it evens out!

  3. LInk-ups are great, aren’t they? I love Cari’s photo one. Love your ‘girls’ photo, too! Girls are terrifying, and absolutely amazing. 🙂

  4. I loved this! Having two boys of my own, I am hopeful that someday we’ll be blessed with a girl. And I’m in awe of your birth story. Now I’m more nervous than ever at the fact that we (since we’ve moved) live just about — 45 minutes — from our hospital. (Shudder!)

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