Warby Parker try-on

Please excuse me while I enlist your opinion. And I really do need your opinion. I’m getting a new pair of glasses. And usually when I get a new pair of glasses, I wear my contacts to the glasses store, try on the glasses, and pick out a pair. This time, however, I have scarring on my eye from an infection and I can’t wear my tacts. Which means? I can’t see a thing.

So, on the recommendation of a friend, I checked out Warby Parker. They have a really cool program for figuring out what you need: you pick out five lenses and they send them for free to try on. SO! I have five lenses, really similar ones, that are in the style I’m looking for (big, square, a little bookish and goofy as is my custom). But I still can’t SEE myself in them! I’ve had my husband weigh in. I’ve had my sister weigh in. And now I need my handful of new readers…help a spec-tacularly (HA!) near-sighted girl out!!

Yesterday THIS arrived on my doorstep, and I have five days to make a decision!



1. Crane (in Whiskey Tortoise):

DSC_0027My style-savvy sister says the first and second are absolutely the same shape but that Bensen is bigger.

2. Bensen (in Whiskey Tortoise):


oh! how did that get in there?!DSC_0035

3. Reynold (in Revolver Black):


4). Northcote (in Catalina Blue):


5. Reece (in Whiskey Tortoise):


a few notes:

  • I’ve got a big nose and a lopsided face — ain’t nothing ever gonna make me look classy — but maybe goofy-classy?
  • Looking at the pictures, I kinda wanna choose the glasses in the pic with the best expression, so help me be less vain and look at the specs
  • I gotta get these glasses back to Warby Parker kinda quick – I have 4 days from today, so a little help would be much appreciated!
  • Ignore the glare – when I get my ridiculous prescription filled I’ll be getting super-duper-thin-amazing-lightweight-miracle plastic with Anti-Reflection smothering them; here’s hoping that helps!

THANKS! (I’m not getting paid/bribed/supported/endorsed to write this – just need some style opinion!)


15 thoughts on “Warby Parker try-on

  1. I think the Bensen best suits your face, an I think your daughter agrees seeing how she snuck in an extra smile! 😉 This whole world of online eyewear is totally new to me!!

    • I was/am so nervous about ordering online, but getting to hold them in my hands before buying is helping. And anytime I don’t have to cart three kids into a place, I am generally a happy momma!

  2. Ugh. I hate that WordPress uses an ancient defunct blog as my username. I should fix that. This is Rakhi from The Pitter Patter Diaries, and Ima gonna get right on fixing my account!!

  3. What a great idea. The last time I picked out my glasses, my pupils were still dilated, so I couldn’t really tell if they were okay. As for,your choices, I think they all look pretty good, but my favorite is the Reece. They seem to fit your face the best. The other pair I like is the Reynold which is what a lot of others seem to like too.

  4. I like #1 and #4 best. I think #5 is my least favorite of the 5 but HONESTLY they all look great. . . . So I just, two days ago ordered my 5 try-on pairs from WB and already planned to ask for opinions on my blog. I hadn’t even seen your post. . . . hope you don’t mind! And isn’t this a great way to order glasses? I have NEVER had a pair that fit my super-wide face well, b/c I always felt limited to whatever overpriced options were available in the optometrist’s shop. And my eyes usually were dilated, to boot.

    • Thanks! And ohhh! I’m excited! (Which is an exclamatory way of saying that of course I don’t mind…) It’s a great way to get some opinions – and I’m a big fan of not having to make snap, expensive decisions with the fitting person staring at my nose (literally).

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