What I Wore Sunday Best

I am rarely convinced/feel/think that what I wear on Sunday is my best. I put on “church clothes”, but it is rare that I FEEL lovely. Lately I have been singing the Postpartum-Nothing-FITS Blues. But I’m trying to change my attitude around. I’ve been reading everyone’s positive WIWS Sunday posts, and so I’m here, linking up with Fine Linen and Purple and a twofer with Camp Patton.

{{Sidenote: If you haven’t weighed in on the Great Glasses Decision of 2013, help a girl out. I am so nearsighted, and I can’t stare at myself for hours in the mirror as I contemplate the options from every angle.}}

“Mom, why are we doing this?”
“Mom, please stop using me as prop.”

Boots: Bandolino (from Zappos — a present from my awesome MIL)

Jean skirt – Old Navy (meh…purchased to replace my all-time-favorite-jean-skirt-that-got-stolen-from-our-u-haul-when-we-moved-a-year-ago…I’m still trying to get over that)

Ruffled shirt – Target (Purchased this past spring. I thought it would hide the baby bulge a bit better, but I think it might just accentuate it.)

Blazer: Gap (Purchased for Easter this past spring)

Modesty Layer: Belly band (I wear these no matter what shape I am – love the extra length and protection from wardrobe malfunctions. Great for nursing, etc. etc. etc.)

Baby: To help distract from the Bump From Whence She Came

Yes, it looks like Fall. It’s rainy. Not as hot as it might be. And that magnolia tree is the bane of my existence. I promise that these pictures are from today.


Also I made a post-Mass decision to to link up at Camp Patton, too.

Here’s why I WASN’T going to:

  • at the beginning of Mass, my kids were perrrrfect, and I thought, “Well, that would just be gloating.”

What I did:

  • Prided myself on taking 3 children to Mass by myself (set up? disaster)

Why I am (linking up):

  • by the end of Mass, 2/3 had changed their tune…

Amelie – slept and smiled, no poop: A

Lo – fidgety pants with a side of rebellion, no bathroom break: C+

Li – fidgety pants with a side of whine, one bathroom break: C-

I would like to be a harder grader, but the boys have been in Mass-induced-quiet-time for nearly an hour (“if you can’t sit quietly for Jesus, then you can go home and try it again for me”) and I’m feeling much more lenient. Plus, temper-tantrums-during-Mass are in our not-so-distant past, and Past Me would have traded a day at the spa for today’s behavior. So…perspective.


10 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday Best

  1. I love this outfit! Skirts and boots are one of my favorite looks, and I seem to be wearing nothing but jean skirts this week. It is a major bummer yours got stolen–they are such tricky pieces of clothing, that when one gets lost it’s kind of like losing a favorite lbd.

    And my baby sang through the entire service today. My husband and I like to say that all babies are Pentecostals at heart, and ours certainly proved that true today. :/

    • I love hearing a baby “raise the roof”. I don’t love it when my 5yo and (almost) 4yo decide to complain and whine and ask “how many songs until we can go home?”. 🙂

  2. Those do look like fall pictures! 😛 It doesn’t really seem like summer here right now, more like Spring. Your skirt really is the perfect length to go with those boots, and of course a baby is the cutest accessory to add to any outfit!

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