five of the favorite-y variety


Linking up today with the always lovely and inspiring Hallie Lord.

There is a giveaway hidden in today’s favorites, so keep your eyes peeled! 😉


Come Hold My Son

Please, even if it means you don’t read the rest of these favorites, listen to this song and watch the video (someone did a nice job with the images). It’s beautiful. I love this band (The Thirsting), and not ONLY because I once-upon-a-time got to sing with the lead singer on Sundays for Mass. I credit The Thirsting for my 3yo’s ability to belt out Salve Regina as he rides his bike around the neighborhood. I’m excited to be able to take my kids to see these faith-filled guys LIVE when we move back to the PacNW. I have (and recommend) their albums Companions of the Lamb and Universal Youth to anyone and everyone who will listen who is interested.

I love all their songs, but this one is just such a beautiful meditation on the life of Mary in her role as mother. Go. Listen. Love. (And if you love what you hear, click over to FromLittleHands’ blog-warming and first giveaway!)


Nursing infinity scarf from StellaBellasDesigns on Etsy


I’ve had this thing all of 24 hours. I’d like to be all Ron Swanson.


But I haven’t his discipline — I get too distracted by new, pretty things. This favorite is something both useful and pretty. I do love my Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover (and that one is super wonderful because I currently can’t nurse without a shield, so I am able to tuck the thing discreetly in one of the little terry cloth pockets -TMI, I wish I didn’t say that!) but THIS one…is so pretty!!! And convenient. It’s humid and hot here today, and I haven’t taken the thing off! (Disclaimer: we are still working out draping it nicely while breastfeeding and Amélie gets super distracted by it cuz…bright! and pretty!)


Paint By Number Peacock with Watercolor Pencils


This project is taking us forrrrrevah! Because they are little. And because I HAVE to supervise this, as opposed to my usual directions of, “Go. Do. By yourself.” But, for an art dunce like me, it is fun and pretty and my BOYS are having a blast. I am super impressed at how well their 5yo and (almost) 4yo selves are doing with coloring in small spaces and matching up the spaces with the numbered sheet. I got them the same one because I didn’t like the others as well, and it is so fun to see how the same color-by-number can turn out so differently under the hands of different artists. I like this one because we can use the watercolor pencils without having a huge watercolor mess every time we take a few minutes to do this project. When we finish the pencil part, we can take the whole thing outside to add the water with a brush. Re-reading this, I feel like this project makes me feel/sound/brag like a super-crafty-mom (which I am so not) but it is simple, relatively un-messy fun. I can pull it out to do in small chunks to help break up the days. And with Amelie needing so much T(ime) & E(nergy), I am just not up for THIS caliber of fun these days.

oh the good ol’ days in SK when we had no carpet
you can put this down under “things that don’t happen anymore”
I mean, seriously…
who does this?…not a mother who gets stranded on the couch feeding a nursing infant, THAT’S for sure!
“but what happens if you put blue on your KNEE?”
an artist before he could walk


Vacation Bible School

Li was nervous about this week. I’ve been talking it up for two weeks because my extroverted/introverted-combo-homebody of a son (ok, he gets this from me) basically had no choice. I was sending him. Our Director of Religious Education (DRE) oversees non-denominational VBS for our post. She isn’t Catholic herself but is respectful and knowledgable of Catholicism. She is steeped in Biblical knowledge, and she gives the kids such a historical base in OT knowledge that I really wish I could go volunteer this year. My child who is convinced that he can’t go to school (hello, homeschooling) because he’d rather stay home with me all day is having a blast and letting him have some time away from the house is leading to this…


One-on-one son time

Courtesy of VBS, a husband at home/napping infant, and needing to get my blood drawn today, Lo and I got a one-on-one. So fun! After getting my blood drawn, we got a hot chocolate and coffee, saw a helicopter land close-by (perks of living on an Aviation post), got a golf cart ride from the parking lot chauffeur service (a sweet vet who would have driven us around the parking lot several times had our hearts desired), stopped at the lake, saw a water snake and various bugs. It was a totally successful (albeit short) boy-mom date.

Now back to Hallie’s to see what everyone else is heart-ing!


10 thoughts on “five of the favorite-y variety

  1. That nursing scarf is so lovely. And your little one…they are so cute…after seeing all those color, I have decided to introduce my little one to colors too. Thank you!

  2. Oh my gosh your boys are gorgeous! I love the fingerpainting pics, though I’ve never had the nerve to try it with my own boys. Maybe someday… I’m glad you had such a nice mother/son “date!”

    • Thanks! When we lived in South Korea we had a) no carpet b) practically no furniture, and c) lots of days when we weren’t supposed to play outside (yellow dust). Because of this, we would have finger paint days on the days I had to mop. I also let the boys ride trikes around our HUGE living room. And on lazy days, I would stick them inside our HUUUUGE shower and let them paint the walls with fingerprint. I would sit in the bathroom (on a chair) and read and drink coffee. #sanityinacup (I don’t post THOSE pics because…well…it’s the internet!)

  3. those nursing infinity scarves are perfect! i love the look of that one. i wish i’d been trendier and bought one of those back when i was nursing!

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