growing pains

We’ve known for a long time that an imminent move was in our future. There is a lot of back story here, and not all the back story belongs to me to tell, so you will have to be content to know that we have known for months upon months that a move was imminent but have not had any clue as to how imminent “imminent” was. (If someone Googles “imminent”, I think I have guaranteed that this post will pop up.)

We knew that, when it was time to move, we would have 2 weeks notice. We did NOT know whether we would be told to move 4 months ago, or 2 months ago, or 4 months from now. And since it is difficult to live life on hold and from suitcases with no idea of for how long…we didn’t.

And now we have less than two weeks to move. It is exciting and terrifying and awful and wonderful all at the same time. In the next two weeks we do all the things we could not prepare for: arrange transportation and take our leave of this place. In two weeks, we will start our cross-country trek to our temporary home (read: studio apartment). In one month we will not know where our next paycheck is coming from. In one month we will do things we have never had to do before…simple (expensive) things…like pay for insurance from our pockets, and co-pay for things like Lovenox during pregnancy (Jen has some things to say about that)…the military has provided some real benefits that we were/are grateful for but that we also took a little bit for granted because we never knew any different. So we expect some pretty severe growing pains in the next several months.

And yet…and YET…we are so excited! We will live so close to our families – both of them! Our kids will have their grandparents around – all the time! And there are great benefits (wisdom and sanity at the top of that list) that come from these physically and emotionally close family bonds.

In the past 6 years I’ve weathered stuff I wouldn’t have chosen to weather. I’ve made friends I would have never dreamed of making (among whom Ute sits high on the list). I’ve lived in places I would not have chosen. I have learned that I am weak and sinful. I have seen how my God provides (always!) and covers me in grace. And if I seem calm it’s because I’ve learned that I cannot control this crazy life.

I had a different direction for this post when I started writing, and now I find I’m writing it solely for me: a snap shot of the here-and-now so I remember it forever.

Oregon and Washington and family, here we come! Padre Pio, pray for us!


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