five favorites – grateful edition

five-favorites-moxie-wife-1Linking up with Hallie and the others…go…see…love…

As we get ready to pack and move in less than two weeks, I’ve got 5 minutes to share my five favorite things — this week, the gratitude edition!


My Mum and Pops

at UD a few years ago for my sister’s graduation

These two folks just celebrated 31 years together, and I couldn’t ask for any two people who are more supportive, loving, or prayerful to anchor my crazy self.


My in-laws

These folks are loving, supportive (read: are letting us crash in the studio apartment above their garage), fun, and apparently photogenic (the above photo was snapped in a spare moment after we all had been playing out on a warm day).



I like this one, but I have lots of friends who like other free options.  I am looking forward to having a quality (QUALITY) selection of audio books to check out from the library once we move.  So it doesn’t HAVE to be Audible.  We have a membership, and I add a great big audiobook every month.  This last month I got the whole Henry Huggins series by Beverly Cleary for $14.95 (which is the monthly price for membership — you get one credit a month and can use that credit on any audiobook).  My 5yo is obsessed.  He will listen to the books all. day. long. while playing pretend.  I am pretty sure he thinks he lives on Klickitat street. Others we listen to: Narnia series, Cricket in Times Square, The Lord of the Rings, Pippi Longstocking, and many more.  This one is especially great for my 5yo, but my 3yo gets into it, too.  I love that they are getting to listen to great books above and beyond what my vocal chords can read to them.


Oregon coast

DSC_0548 DSC_0510 DSC_0396

I’ve grown up visiting the Oregon coast, and one perk of being back in the PacNW will be plenty of beach time.  It’s rugged and restful.  Love it.


Road trips!!!

I am seriously excited about our imminent road trip.  Alabama to Oregon and then Washington.  We will have some new audiobooks (see #3) and also will bring the boys’ Kazam Balance Bikes to get the wiggles out at rest stops. Picnics instead of restaurants. A couple of new dollar store toys, and maybe some hamburgers, fries, and ketchup to sweeten the pot.  Oh, and Chipotle for me.  Cuz I’m seriously jonesing some Chipotle.  This will be our first road trip with Amelie and also with our dog.  But positive thinking? Right? Because there is no way for this to turn out bad…

DONE!  Go over and see what else folks are lovin’ this week!


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