7 Quick Takes — Volume 2

Joining Jen with 7QTs



We have, in our possession, one (1) Ab Lounger.


We did not buy it. We did not desire it. We fell victim, years ago, to “PCS Season”. PCS stands for “Permanent Change of Station”. It’s a acronymistic (read: military) way of saying, “We be movin’!”

{Stuck in my head}

During PCS season, if you are not PSC-ing, then you tend to get “gifted” things.  Odds and ends from the pantry.  Things that didn’t quite fit into the moving truck.  Things that folks couldn’t sell at their garage sale but couldn’t quiiiite bring themselves to drop off at the Thrift Shop. We’ve been gifted far too much (due to my inability to say “No” coupled with my desire to help a friend out), most notably several cans of water chestnuts, random and assorted godawful battery-operated toys, and the aforementioned Ab Lounger. We’ve tried selling the thing for money.  We’ve tried selling it for nothing.  I’ve tried sitting in while I watch the boys ride their bikes, but then I only tend to hear banjos playing and my neighbors snickering.  If I had a flat stomach to show for it, they could snicker away.  But since I don’t… Anyhow, we are getting ready to PCS for good.  So neighbors and friends, beware.


So there I was, reading a blog (shock)…  Drinking my coffee. Catching up on my 7-Quick-Takes. Found a cute blog: Call Her Happy. So the post in question is this one on, “The Perils of Staying at Home”. So there I am, nodding along, chuckling, when I read the comment, “You mean normal people don’t wait until 6:00PM to get dressed?” (And Jenna and Beth Anne, if you are reading this, I love your blogs, I just had to share my reaction because I’ve been thinking about it aaaaall week.) All I could think is…”People get dressed at 6pm??” I’m telling you: if I am still in pjs at noon (and it happens always), I give up. PJs are what I’ll be wearing.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  So I’m wondering…do you get dressed at 6pm? Or any time after noon? Or do you have a point of “no return”?


Like a lemming, I’ve jumped. I joined all the everybodies who are sweating to Jillian Michaels.  I blame thank Kaitlin. And an IRL friend who swears by it. And honorable mentions go to a bunch of other bloggers I read. I finished Day 8 yesterday (no scale results, but I feel more comfortable in my skin). Here are my thoughts:

Dear Jillian Michaels,

This jumping jack thing has nothing to do with how heavy Maia is and everything to do with how weak we are. #bathroombreakthreetimesorbust


Maia’s Pelvic Floor Muscles


Oh, so we do open letters now?? Well, then…

Dear Fly, dive-bombing my baby,

Normally, I’d shoo you away, however you appear to be entertaining her.

Carry on,




And the flies? They are ridiculous.  A child who shall remain unnamed (it’s Li) left the back door wiiiiide open last week, and I still haven’t shoo’d all the flies.  I think they’ve had babies, but THAT is too gross to dwell on for long.  Meanwhile, the banjo playing in my brain is getting louder.


 Speaking of that same child (Li), I was beached on the couch, nursing the baby post dinner a few nights ago and heard sounds in the kitchen.  Now, the nice thing about a 5yo is that one can be a little less concerned about “sounds”. It sounded like second dinner being made. Which is cool…growing boy…all that…he ate all his dinner…et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  Then I hear:

Li: Can I use the pepperoni?
Maia: Yep
Li: *sounds of pepperoni wrapper*
Li: *sounds of climbing*
Li: *sounds of squeezing the nearly empty honey bear*
Maia: *sounds of tweeting*

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 7.00.44 AM

Which I don’t know if this relieves me from old lady status.  Pretty sure it doesn’t.  But thanks, Cecilia, for trying.


Said child also made breakfast yesterday, using every egg we had.  All 16 of them.  Even my protein-packing self was overwhelmed. So, since this is PCS season for us and all, and since breakfast-fo-dinner is the bee’s knees, and since we ate all the eggs for breakfast (with some help from The Dog), my kids ate cereal for dinner. In front of the TV.

You may forward my Mom-of-the-Year award to our new address, k, thanks.




6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — Volume 2

  1. Found your blog via the linkup…love it. Pepperoni and honey? Sounds almost as weird as pepperoni and goat cheese…which I made for myself last week. And I don’t really have a “no return” getting dressed point…I’ll end up slowly getting dressed, in stages, throughout the day so that at the end there’s a pile of clothes on the floor and I look halfway decent for the hubs. It’s generally just better for everyone if I get dressed FIRST thing. 🙂

  2. Oh my. The baby stare had me laughing. I miss havin a baby around and yours is a cutie pie. well those flies are good for something, aren’t they

  3. This was so entertaining, from 1 through 7!

    I was tickled by the comment you left me today about knowing my d-i-l and her twins, so I e-mailed her. She said she was in MCCW with you in AL, and that she and my son used to love to hear you cantoring at Mass. She also said she’d stumbled upon your blog and at first didn’t know it was you because you’d had another baby (which she did, too–another girl, in Feb.), but then realized it was indeed you. It really is something how small the world is!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…and now I’ll be stopping by yours. If I can figure out how to become an official follower, I will. 🙂

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