seven quick takes – a moving edition

Joining Jennifer Fulwiler et al for 7 Quick Takes Friday.


This week is moving week.  I am writing these takes courtesy of the awesome crew of movers we had yesterday.  We found out just under two weeks ago that we had just under two weeks to move.  Which is the Army’s way of telling us to[Crown]-Keep-Calm-And-Panic-
*for the record: I promise that this post is the only time I will ever reference the “keep calm” movement


Movers WERE scheduled to come today (Friday). On Tuesday a representative from the moving company showed up on our doorstep to walk through the house and get an idea of how long it would take the moving team.  He silently surveyed my house, which was more chaos-y than its usual chaos-y self, while I self-consciously deprecated, “Ah, um, well…two weeks to move and all.” Which insinuated a lie while not exactly telling one. Actually, my house really always is this clutter-y. After silently judging, he declared, “hmmm…well…THIS is going to take TWO days.” And then he scheduled us for THURSDAY and Friday. On Tuesday he did this. So, you know,[Crown]-Keep-Calm-And-Panic-More
*for the record: I promise that this post is the only time I will ever reference the “keep calm” movement


The panic all stems from the fact that we are moving into a studio apartment, so 3/4 of our stuff is going into 6 month storage (that we can’t frantically tear through when I discover we don’t have something) and about 1/4 of it (or less) we are hauling with us to Washington. And I had just one day to finish sorting essential from non-essential.


Aaaaall the while expending massive amounts of energy fretting (introvert-style) that I was going to have, now, TWO days of people in mah house touching mah stuff…for TWO DAYS instead of the already awful one.


Which led my husband to spend all of his home hours talking me down from the proverbial ledge of crazy (which, let’s face it, has probably already been jumped). So the good news is that he hopefully gets time off in Purgatory for Wednesday alone.


Our awesome team of movers showed up yesterday. And those amazing men said, “We think we can do this in a day.” And they did.  And in 9.5 hours of sweltering humidity they did what would have taken us four days and a year’s worth of snapping at each other, and my house is gorgeously empty and un-chaotic (see #7). Sidney, I suspect you and your men will read this never, but you are currently my favoritest persons and on the receiving end of many heartfelt thank yous. This #7QT is dedicated to you.


And in the meantime, my house is gorgeously empty. I’m thinking about keeping our home this way forever. Because empty is the lazy person’s equivalent of decorated.

The End.


7 thoughts on “seven quick takes – a moving edition

  1. My mom is exactly like that when people are in her house touching her stuff. She gets physically sick with stress. Hooray for the worst being over!
    I’m starting to chunk stuff in anticipation of moving someday soon (I hope). It feels good clear things out. Stuff can weigh you down!!

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