By to the The to the Way

ohhhh! Did you want to know that we arrived?

We did.

I’ve got pictures to share once I get them uploaded to the computer, which is only recently set up.  Actually, I kinda didn’t take many pictures because kids. And dog. And packed car.  I have a grrreat post to share with y’all on all that. So I have a FEW photos to share.  Most memorably our photo of the kids in front of Mt. Rushmore.  Except we were too cheap to pay eleven buckaroos for parking.  So we surreptitiously paused in front of a place where the four big guys could be seen, grabbed the boys out of the car really quickly, snapped a photo of Mt. Rushmore, boys…and uHaul…and street lights…we classy.  We real classy.  So you have that to look forward to once I get back into the blog groove.

Our smallSpaceofastudioapartment is cozy.  Actually, I love it.  Or will once we figure out where to put everything. It’s a puzzle.

My brain is still in travel/moving mode.  It’s starting to make my brain reaaaally fuzzy.  FuzzyStupid, I tell you.  The kids have realized this and are taking advantage of my mad lack of parenting skillz.

And in case you hadn’t deduced this yourself: parenting with neither rhythm nor routine is weawy, weawy haaaawd!!!

Imma gonna stop now before your English-language-sensibilities bleed.


One thought on “By to the The to the Way

  1. I’ve been wondering when you’d finish you travels! Good luck getting everything in order. I moved 14 months ago and am still not there. 😛

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