happy, happy, happy

Sorry for the overkill on happy.

I’m living it up in the land of my birth (Oregon) this week. Oregon, in a fit of requited love, has returned my affections by beaming down cool mornings and sunny, warm afternoons.

=hashtag Imayneverleaveagain

I missed out on all the wonderful posting and linking this week, but my Bloglovin feed was full. And I bloggy-loved that.

A few things I have to share:

* my bff is getting married tomorrow, and we just had the rehearsal and I am not ashamed to tell you that I was not prepared for the buckets of tears I started crying. So cue the extra strength waterproof mascara tomorrow.

* as much as I love this girl, she is now going to have to vie for my love. I discovered Squeem. Move over Spanx, this postpartum momma has found a new mummy tummy sheriff. (Maybe I’ll throw fancy links on here for you later when I get to a computer.)

* I am reading The Happiness Project, and it is totally affecting my mood in a great way. Recommend.

* and this happy love fest wouldn’t be complete without gushing how awesome it is to be home and hang with my mom and dad and little sis (who isn’t so little and managed to fly in from Arizona for the wedding).

And – gosh – I’m just so…happy!!


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