I’m home this week. There are extra hands to hold the kids. Dishes and laundry seem to magically get done without me barely lifting a finger.

And yet…yesterday found me oh. so. crabby. Snapping at kids. Boiling under the surface. Irritated. Oh so irritated.

And I can’t quite pinpoint the cause. Cycle? Well, I have yet to see any return signs of fertility, but maybe. Weather? Possible. When a weather front moves in, I tend to feel the effects. Caffeine? I did imbibe too much of that yesterday (exhaustion), so that is a good guess. And my husband just got in two days ago. As much as I missed him (and I really did, darling), we always clash a bit after time away because I am a perfect parent control freak human with failings.

So all things calculated, I was a joy and a half as I regressed into my selfish self.

I’m still slightly ohsomuchnotfun today but I repent of my screechy ways and am biting my tongue today. I took me a nap. I have been reading books I loved as a kid and am excited to read all over again with my kids (Kitchen Madonna, The Five Children and It, and All-of-a-Kind Family to name a few). We went to a book store and a music store. And now I’m off for a walk and to practice some ukelele.

It’s not a great day, but it will be.


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