what to do with the blues

I would like to state, for the record of all things recorded, that we took the famn-damily blueberry picking the same week all the cool kids (may be slightly exaggerating my numbers – humor me) took their families blueberry picking. I am not really sure why that matters except to let you in on the secret that these pictures are from then and not THIS week. I sorta apologize for the photo dump.  (You should actually thank your lucky stars that there are not MORE — I’m taking a photoshop class this week and staring at pictures generally pushes my “SHAREALLTHEPICTURES” button.) I don’t wanna help it.

When we went blueberry picking in Alabama several weeks ago, we thought it was all that. But Alabama blues ain’t got nothing on Oregon blues! (Must be the weather….hahahahahahaha!)

“Mom! Look at my boobewy window!”
I believe the direction for this one was, “Ok! Open your eyes!”
So we will probably be covering basic anatomy first off this year…hashtag homeschoolers
she sits – it’s documented
…and eats grass…good one, Mom
posing is not our strong suit
we always tell him to be careful – but one can’t blame him for wanting to love on those cheeks!
baby blues like blueberries

While we are on the subject of blues, I can tell you that settling into our 600 sq ft home has been more of challenge than anticipated. I can’t even comprehend my mental state if we were doing this without the benefit of spending 80% of our time in my in-laws home and also having a HUGE backyard at our disposal.  I’m still wading through stuff.  If you ever wanted to look at each and every one of your possessions with a critical eye as to its value, put 5 people in a studio apartment.  I loveloveloved Jenny’s post on purging last week. On the other hand, in last week’s reading, I also really appreciated Julie’s thoughts in her #7QT, namely the part about “extreme purging”.  Generally I hang on to things.  And I wish that I didn’t.  I hate clutter.  My house DOES get cluttery.  But I usually forget that there is an extreme — and I loved that Julie pointed out the purging for a “high” tendency.

N-E-hoo, last week I looked around our (cluttery) small space, and just wanted to scream (and then snap at every living thing in my way, as is my custom for dealing with stress).  Coming back from Oregon was toughtoughtough because this town is proving really hard to settle into. I discovered Catholic homeschoolers, though.  And that it making things much better.  It never fails to amaze me how small the Catholic world can be.  Example: at my best friend’s wedding, I ran into an old friend (who blogs!), who introduced me to her sister-in-law (also at the wedding)…who lives so close to me I had to laugh, because who drives 5 hours to meet someone that lives 10 minutes aways?! This lovely lady put me into contact with another old friend who lives close by (which I knew, but since I am no longer on Facebook, I hadn’t gotten around to contacting her).  It really makes a difference to have a playgroup. (Please, if you haven’t read Kendra’s post, An Introvert’s Guide to Stay at Home Mothering.  And if you are an introvert and new to this mothering thing, print it out and laminate it.  Because otherwise you are just going to have to tough it out and learn it by experience.)

It is to be hoped that by Friday I’ll have a somewhat quicker and less meandering post on how our apartment set-up is going. You know I won’t give you a tutorial, because I have resigned myself to the fact that I ought not give advice.  But I will show what we have done and maybe you can toss in some input for me? Also, say a quick prayer for me: I have an interview tomorrow, and you better believe that I am already hemming and hawing over whether this is the right choice for our family. So the specific request is not even that I GET the job, but rather that God makes all things evident!


3 thoughts on “what to do with the blues

  1. Yeah, your kids have amazing blue eyes! Oskar always laments that my brown eye gene messes with our kids’ chances.
    I’ll be awaiting your home organization post as mine is a scary heap right now and I could use some inspiration. 😉

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