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Once upon a time there was a blogger who didn’t blog…just kidding.  I’m linking up with Hallie today because there is nothing like a great link-up to break the blogging blues! (PS — the Amazon links are affiliate and I get pennies for your dollars)



I think it was two months ago you may have heard a squeal of delight originating from the Alabama area.  This was because for the first time in my life I won a website giveaway.  It completely made my day week month year. After winning said giveaway, I promptly went and entered all of Grace’s fabulous giveaways for approx. one month, figuring that lightening had the best chance of striking twice if you were a lucky one.  And I was obviously a lucky one. After one month of not winning anything else, I gave up.  I’m the best at giving up good.

To get back to the bullet point, however, I won a four week class from (+ the textbook + an amazingly awesome camera bag). I selected the Photoshop 101 class because the only skill I possessed in Photoshop was running Pioneer Woman’s actions. Which are great and awesome and wonderful.  But I was beginning to suspect that I was doing myself a disservice by not learning how to do some stuff on my own.  So I signed up for the class.  And I loved the instructor, Melanie Burk. I learned a ton of totally useful stuff.  The class was nearly worth it for learning about Adobe Bridge, alone!


the human body

51ZvwNMHj7L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_ (The Language of Medicine, Ninth Edition

I’m working through a textbook on medical terms and just covered the chapter on all things pee-related.  I will tell you, I was totally not excited about this chapter.  And I ended up being totally fascinated. When I learn about all our intricacies, it just screams “Case for God!” at me.  And, not that you needed to know (but, you know, it’s my blog…so…) but NOW, when I pee, I give God and my kidneys a mental high five.


A Mother’s Rule of Life: How to Bring Order to Your Home and Peace to Your Soul

My mom gave me this book 5 years ago for my first Mother’s Day.  It has been a little conduit of grace, opening up my heart for the vocation of motherhood.  I read it at least once a year.  I tell all mah friends.  I nag everyone to read it. I am re-reading it now because I just cannot get myself in gear (mentally and organizationally) for this school year.  I’m always in need of order in my home and peace in my soul.



not a playdate, but it IS kids playing…also, it is a product of my practice for my photoshop class…

When did that word come into play? I don’t remember it being a thing when I was growing up.  We asked if our friends could come over to play.  Simple.  End of story. Regardless of the terminology, we have been really fortunate to find an awesome group of Catholics in this neck of the woods, many of whom homeschool.  They have been great at inviting us over to play.  Sanity.  In a coffee cup.  Love that.


Speaking of sanity: can we just talk about The Great Out of Doors? I’m not sure why I ever forget this, but time outside means good things for all.  One of things I am grateful for in our new little neighborhood (and I’m having a hard time settling in, I will not lie) is that we have a “loop” to walk.  It’s almost exactly a mile.  If we go slow, stop for breaks, threaten privileges (etc.) all of us can walk it on our own steam (baby excluded. for now).  Also, my beloved and lovely in-laws have a giant backyard.  I know that we need to enjoy this weather while we have it.  The rains and clouds of the PacNW are already threatening me with their doom and gloom.

Ok, I’m done talkin’ now.  I’m kinda a snooze read, but I was beginning to think that if I waited until I was exciting, again (ever?), that it would be never before I updated.  Thanks for playing along!  Go check out the rest of the Five Favers!

8 thoughts on “Five Faves

  1. You are wonderful! I’ve missed your writing, truly! I’m the same way with the medical field (my hubby is in nursing school so I learn second-hand)- everything just makes me say, “how can people NOT believe in God?!” It’s so amazing how He designed us 🙂

    • When my mom gave it to me, I MAY have rolled my eyes (where I was in life). Once I started reading, though…it was like a mini retreat. I think it’s a wonderful read, especially if you can remember that it can be applied to most stations in life (not just stay-at-home, homeschooling mothers, which is what the author was). I WISH I had had the heart to read it before marriage!

  2. We moved up to Tacoma from SoCal in April and have had fabulous weather so far. It JUST started raining intermittently and now I’m a little panicked that we haven’t done ALL THE OUTDOOR THINGS. But I did have an excuse to buy cute rainboots. 🙂

    • Did y’all get the t-storms? My friend said it’s supposed to be nice next week, and I completely commiserate: must. spend. EVERY. nice moment OUTSIDE. Forget canning food for winter, I gotta store up Vit D!!

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