how to have a first day of school

If you are me then here is what homeschooling looks like:

1) Buy all the books

2) Freak out because scheduling is a subject I fail in (every time) and if you HAVE all the books but can’t figure out to USE all the books, a husband begins to question spending habits closely.

3) Decide at some point in August that a good time to begin school is “the day after Labor Day”.

4) Forget which day is Labor Day until the day after Labor Day.

5) Wake up late on the day after Labor Day.

6) Realize it’s the day after Labor Day

*insert annoying facepalm here*

7) Decide that school actually should start on the MONDAY after Labor Day…

*nice one, Maia*

8) Forget about school for another several days.

9) Remember that a friend who generally aces at life recommended a free program called Homeschool Skedtrack

10) Get skeptical because Skedtrack is free.

11) Realize that’s a great thing.

12) Use Skedtrack.

13) Start school on the monDAY after Labor Day (see what I did there?).

14) Have a truly awesome first day of Kindergarten and Preschool thanks to the nice and neat schedule (checklist) populated by Skedtrack.

15) Forget to take first day of school pictures. Because, let’s face it, I’ve achieved enough awesome to last me all year.

I feel compelled to tell you that I went above and beyond what I feel Kindergarten needs to look like. Our reasons for this are due to our family’s current need for some structure and order in this portion of life that carries so much chaos. I hadn’t planned to share about Skedtrack, yet, because I think it’s better suited to older grades. However I am so delighted in how accomplished it is making our days (we are day 2, now…so…longtime expert, right here) but, more importantly, in making me see how accomplished all our days are, that I wanted to share. I have a tendency to sell myself short. If you share this trait, I would like to encourage you to document in some waywhat you are doing. Because it’s powerful to see what you accomplish!


One thought on “how to have a first day of school

  1. HEY!!! Isn’t Homeschool Skedtrak great!? :O) I always ended up hunting for all the stuff for those scheduled lessons the day of! grrr. This year – homeschool workboxes!!!! SO awesome! …well ours our hanging file folders (and use 3×5 cards if the activity is too big for the file folder) cause I don’t have space for the tower of drawers! I set mine up the night before so everything is in one place for the next school day! So cool! Love you Maia! You’re doing a great job! Now move to Texas!

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