Five Favorites: Spend-No-Money Edition


Linking up with Hallie Grace to try to hashtag heart justfiveofthethings.

pardon any wonky formatting – comforting a cranky teether for forever

1) beef in the crockpot

Not stew. Not ragu. Not stroganoff. I olive all those things. But today it was just the Costco pack of stew meat, tossed unceremoniously into the crockpot and “drizzled” (more like the sound effects from the Grey Poupon commercials…) ketchup, mustard, and wourchestsxiore sauce (dang! I was really hoping autocorrect would help me out in that one…), cooked for hours, and served ceremoniously over steak fries. With some plain green lettuce. Because I needed some Good Mom Points today.

2) baskets

Ok. For the sake of my “spend no money” title, let’s pretend that I wove the baskets from rushes collected on a walk with my children. Really. A walk through TJMaxx…

I just can’t get enough of lovely baskets, and I keep hoping, if I just buy acquire enough of them that all my clutter will magically organize itself. I’ll let you know how that goes.

3) lush, green grass

I took this for granted for far too many years. After a few years of dismal-to-none grass, I love having access to THIS:


please note the lush, green grass behind the looming infant

4) solid kitchen tables

I’ll complain for 3.4 seconds that the one we have in the apt is miserable for eating with small, climbing children. Or for playing games. Or for doing school. My husband built me a beautiful table right before we left Alabama. It’s sitting in storage. I dream of it.

5) the skyline of the Pacific NW

After nearly 7 years of being away, except for visits, I can tell you that I can’t drive anywhere without being bowled over by the hills and mountains and trees and clouds that paint my view. One of these days I’ll actually get a picture that does a scrap of justice. Just. Beautiful.

Aaaaaaaand, I’m done here today. Go visit all the other Fav’ers for more Favorite stuff.


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