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Linking up with Hallie, like it’s my job, because sometimes it’s just too much to blog without some guidelines.

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Catholic Women Rejoice; 28 September 2013; Vancouver, WA

Do you live in the PacNW? Because, if you do, there is a retreat! Simcha Fisher will be there.  And I’m going.  And if you are, drop me a line, because I’d love to connect! The nitty gritty details are: 28 September at St. Joseph’s in Vancouver, Washington and you can get the rest of your questions answered at

This gets included in my Five Favorites because I’ve loved Simcha Fisher ever since she returned to the blog world, and I get a leeetle Catholic-girl-gone-excited to get to see her in person.


it’s a wreath

Guess what?!  I made that!  I used a glue gun!  I didn’t yell or scream at anyone during the making of it!  I actually had fun!

It takes me ages longer to figure out simple life tips and tricks.  And the one I figured out last night was this: if one gets together with friends to do a craft that a creative person has organized and supplied, one has fun without having a panic attack.  Who. Knew? (Clue: Not me until last night.)

Soooo….in conclusion…my favorite thing, included here, is: Fun, No-Stress Craft Night With Friendly, Crafty Friends.


these are books

School got railroaded by a sick child today. So we just read books. (And, when we get down to brass tacks, all we really do for school is read books.) We looked at pictures in Material World: A Global Family Portrait, which is a colorful, glossy, interesting way to break up all the reading we are doing for history and geography. Frog and Toad Are Friends we found at a garage sale last Saturday, and it was just the right read for a fever-y little Lo to get him to take a nap. The Religious Potential of the Child: Experiencing Scripture and Liturgy with Young Children is one that I am re-reading as we work through our religion studies this year. Bits and pieces I read from that last one.  And chew it like cud, so it can sink in.  Someday.  Hopefully.  This mama needs all the help she can get. (I think this bullet point qualifies me for an inaugural link up with What We’re Reading Wednesday over at Housewifespice, so I’m a gonna do that, twofer-style.)


this is a picture of curtains…or a tree…or a drawing…or a window…or “e: all of the above”

Finally, tuh-DAY, I got curtains hung. Kinda. For one window. But THESE ones are my favorite curtains I’ve ever purchased. I think they still have them at Target as well as some similar ones at Lowe’s.  And I’m sure other places.  We had them in Alabama, and I brought them here to homey-fy it up in here. The drawing is from art class today: George Washington on a White Charger, which is not entirely evident, but it’s a work in progress. For Art this year we are working from Mommy, It’s a Renoir! I’m no art expert…and as far as my skills go…well…they don’t…but we are all enjoying this exposure.


“Big B, little b, what begins with B. Blocks and a baby…B…b…B.”

If you move into a 600 square foot studio and you choose to bring only one toy, bring these: Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks.  They are FUN to put away (seriously, almost like a zen garden for moms and kids alike).  They entertain for great lengths of time. They come in their own, totally self-containing wooden box (no lid). Babies love them. 5 year olds love them.  4 year olds love them. 3 year olds love them. 2 year olds love them.  I can’t speak for 1 year olds, but I would only imagine they would, too.


Go see all the other Five Favori-teers.  Seriously, the offerings were so spot on this week that I almost just linked to five other posts with a “Can I get an ‘Amen’?!” And some great words about books, too, at What We’re Reading.


6 thoughts on “Five Favorites

  1. Did you read Simcha in her former blogging days? Because while she is super funny now, she was suuuuuper funny (and maybe a tad more vulgar/irreverent (my kinda gal)) in those days. Either way, I would go Catholic fangirl on her if I ever met her in person, for sure. Have a great retreat! And I love your curtains.

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