7 Quick Takes, from the couch

Linking up with Jen, who is better at talking quick takes than anyone else I read.

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A little while ago, while everybody was consternating over the disappearance of Google Reader, I was totally neutral. I had gotten out if the habit of both blogging and reading blogs. When I wanted to read one of my favorite blogs, I would do it the old fashioned way…you know…the way our forefathers did…by typing the blog address into the navigation box. So when everybody was wailing and gnashing, I was thinking, “Hey, a reader is a nifty idea!” and signing up for Bloglovin’. Which I have mostly liked except when I am reading on my phone and want to comment. Except that most of my blog-reading is done from my phone. And Bloglovin’ has been eating my comments. So…my days as a fan may be nearing an end. And if you have been sitting over there at your house wondering, “Why hasn’t Maia commented recently?”…well…it’s probably because Bloglovin’ ate my comment and I’m sulking.


Isn’t it funny what one chooses to be grateful for? This morning I was really, REALLY grateful that it was 5am when little A got her first wave of sick. You know how the “first wave” goes. It’s that moment when one has to get up and do something, in this case suction out her nose (with my handy-dandy Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator) (<— seriously, that’s what it’s called…and it’s genius) and take a steamy, hot shower with her to open up those nasal passages and relieve the fever a bit. Waking up at 5am to do all this is infinitely better than pulling oneself out of bed at 2am to do all this. And, even though we all went back to bed after, I’m pretending that I got an nice, early, productive start to my day! Let’s all pretend that with me.  Even though the thing that I am REEEEAALLY grateful for is that my husband got up with all three sick kids at the normal waking hour and occupied them so that I could sleep until 10 am.  I feel a little embarrassed just typing that.  And also compelled to tell you that I get irritated at the people who are all like, “I just can’t sleep in.  Just can’t!”  Well…I can.  And even though I feel lazy and unproductive when I do it, on the rare occasion that I am allowed to, I DO.  <humph>


I’ve been really enjoying Ana’s “complaining”. And if that sounds like I’m taking joy in someone’s misery, I’m really sorry, Ana. I don’t mean it that way. Honest. I love reading about happy, healthy, and holy families. I’m pretty sure that the Hahns are a great example of that. I’m also firmly convinced that great, firm, loving parents are often blessed with “holy terrors”: kids who are amazing and loved and who also make better parents of us because we really have to stay on our toes because they do these crazy, crazy things that don’t look at all like what we see all the well-behaved, perfect children doing. All this is a roundabout way of saying that I have one such child. And a lot of days I feel like I’m undergoing a major case of Failure, especially when I get well-intentioned bystanders commenting, “I’d never allow that…” or “Is that normal?” So when I read about other great parents meeting challenges in a way that doesn’t always look the way we intended our parenting to look like…well…I take comfort that I may not be totally off track! Ana, you keep doing and writing until I no longer need my blog-boost of courage. Which, at this rate, will be never.


And I’m going to go ahead and fake it til I make it and throw myself into that great parent category even though this

feels more apropos and I’m pretty sure this:

World’s Okayest Mom, is what I’m getting for Christmas.


There is a fly dive-bombing my sick, sleeping baby. The vengeance I will inflict should said fly wake said baby…

…who am I kidding? What can one really do to make a fly repent of its ways?


Have you discovered Healthy Happy Home? If you haven’t, you should! Her latest post is a really wonderful gift basket for a new mom. I’m taking notes for the next lovely lady I know to have a baby!

click on the picture to go check out the post!


I’m hoping to try my hand at canning this weekend.  I’m inspired by many, but more recently by Genna, an awesome IRL friend…one of the few IRL bloggers that I know that I know of (go unscramble THAT sentence, if you please…). She did a post on canning.  That, among a few others floating around the blog world, inspired me to get crazy and try.  If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s probably because I burned my hands and can’t blog.

Genna’s tomatoes, not mine…I can only pray for such results.


I mentioned this on Twitter, but it bears repeating.  I mowed the grass this week.  With a riding lawn mower.  With a John Deere riding lawn mower.  Gosh I wish I had photos to show you.  I’m a city kid who wishes she wasn’t.  And I totally feel like, if I had one of those bucket list thing-ys or “do before 30” lists that I totally would have been able to check something off.  But I don’t.  So, oh well.

Go, now, and read other Quick Takes.  It’s what Fridays are for.


5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes, from the couch

  1. So much to love about this post. Both of 3.5 are some of my favorites from pinterest. And #1 I sleep in, too, when my husband gets up with the kids. There, I said it. And I’m glad you got your rest. We need to get it when we can! Oh, and I have the same issue with Bloglovin too! Too hard to comment!

  2. Girl, you are hilarious. How come I never knew you were around before. Well, better late than never. 😉 I used to have the same trouble commenting from my phone with Feedly, that’s why I changed to Bloglovin. I can’t comment from inside Bloglovin but if I click the arrow to “open in browser” then I can comment on the post and it is not eaten up. Also, I am loving the mom stuff from 3.5! 🙂

  3. Would it be weird to post Nosefrida in a 5 favorites post? It is amazing, but my husband is completely grossed out by it- I keep telling him it has a filter! 😉 And 3.5 are both also Pinterest favs of mine. Also, way to mow the lawn WITH a John Deere!!

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