Five Favorites: The “Are They Really?” ed.

Heeey yooooou guuuuuys!

I’m getting my hair cut on Saturday. Something’s gotta give, between split ends, damp weather, frizzy hair, no time, and The Seven-Month-Postpartum Re-Growth Frizz Fro (seriously, what’s up with that?).

I’m nervous. I’m needing something maintenance-free. And since THAT option doesn’t exist, I need the most frizz-friendly do I can find. Preferably something (barring rhinoplasty) that makes my nose look smaller. And my legs longer. Kidding. Kind of.

Anyhow, I am torn and conflicted.  In my normal fashion, therefore, I’m turning to all y’all with your fantastic style sense, to offer some assistance.  And linking up with Hallie.  ‘Cuz, golly, am I good at that. Even though these aren’t necessarily favorites, but, rather, “contenders”.


I’m a googling maniac to find some ideas to take to the salon.  Here are some of the ruminations, though if you want to see them aaaaallll, you can check out my inspiration board on Pinterest. Also, for the record, I get many of my hair pins (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) from the “hair board” of the fashionable Jennifer Fulwiler.



Do you read In Honor of Design? Good gravy, I just love her look!  This hairstyle is at the top of my list, but I hesitate because I am a hairstyle dunce.  I have hair that sorta would rather do this:

…not the look I’m going for…source




When I googled “styles that work for frizzy hair”, this was a cut that came up


But then, I wonder, would I feel like my hair is always in my eyes? If it gets too tousled, will I curse the sky because I can’t pull it back in a ponytail?


I love the look of bangs.  On other people. Do I dare try it on myself?

best guess at a source

When I am really and truly honest, I have to admit that I would love to straighten my hair within an inch of its life.  When we lived in Korea, had long hair ala “Japanese hair straightening”.  I could afford it there.  It was THE perfect do for me, because I could jump out of the shower and do nothing (not blow dry, not straighten, not brush) and it would be perfect all day.  Perfect, I tell you. Better than my better attempts at straightening.  Which takes forever.  And this momma ain’t got the time. So I can’t really consider this #3, but I’d pick the above or the belows pics in a heartbeat.

can’t find the source on this…best bet…correct me if you know…


The side of me that is resisting 30 (tangent: which, really, doesn’t exist because DANG, I’ve been excited about 30 for about 5 years now and next April can’t come soon enough…even though I plan to throw myself a big soiree to celebrate my 2nd 29th birthday…) wants to do something messy, so I’ve been googling “shaggy medium bobs” (hashtag thingsineverthoughti’dtype) ala this:

source, as best as I can tell


The best haircut I ever had was styled off of a photo of Audrey Tatou.  J’adore. Again, though, back then…B.K. (Before. Kids.)…I had way more time for endless hours of straightening and general de-frizzifying.  Now, A. C. (Ante. Chaos.) I have roughly 0.1 minutes for that. On a good day.



And just to keep it all totally real, here is what I really wish I could do with my hair

I’d love to have THAT frizz!
…oh to have this be the worst of my hair days!


So whaddya think?  Ideas? Frizz help?


5 thoughts on “Five Favorites: The “Are They Really?” ed.

  1. There is a salon around our parts that does something called Ouidad cuts — it’s a technique meant to cut curly or wavy hair so that it’s manageable and looks good without hours of straightening. The people I know who have tried it (a grand total of two) claim it works! Maybe it would for you, too?

    I’m not a hair expert myself, mind you. My hair has zero body. And I am on the wrong side of 30 so I’ve (kinda) made peace with the fact that no matter what I do, my tresses will end up in a ponytail or Staten Island top knot.

    Good luck!

  2. Oh, Maia, I hear you. I am hating my hair these days, and I don’t know what to do with it. I’m very intrigued with the Ouidad thing Claire mentioned ^^. There’s a Ouidad salon near me but it’s quite pricey . . . .

  3. I love three and five. I think they would be adorable on you but not sure if they’d be low-maintenance. And I can empathize with hair-after-kids issues. I’m 14 months postpartum and STILL at war with my hair. It’s also 30% grey at the ripe age of 30. To dye or not to dye?

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