What I Wore Sunday

It’s a rare Sunday that I manage a photo before I run screaming for the yoga pants. Or am forced into them because I spilled something (always coffee). But thanks to a 5yo photographer-in-training and deciding that photos worth taking were worth taking on a cell phone instead of on the camera and some degree of ability to not spill cup o’ coffee numero dos and…I don’t know…an alignment of not-terrible moods, here I am, linking up with What I Wore Sunday.

baby on my hip because she be teething and may forever be attached.

photo 2


A few years ago I started thinking about style, a little, thanks to Hallie.  And then, after finding the Fine Linen and Purple link-up, I started thinking about it a little more.  And I’m just loving everything Laura has to say! But the fact of the matter is, while I love to sorta occasionally think about style in an abstract, oh-how-lovely sort of way, what I actually like to wear…well…predictably plain. But I keep coming back to it because it’s how I feel purty.

Here’s the ‘tails:


hooded top: Gap,  a few years ago, old reliable// layer : an Old Navy tank (I almost always wear a layer to add a little length.)// jean skirt: Halogen, found at a thrift shop in high school // boots: Bandolino, via Zappos from my MIL last Christmas

Little A

top: Janie and Jack, a hand-me-down from a friend // layer: white onesie, like mother like daughter //leggings: Carter //shoo-booties: Hanna Andersson


And, look, I managed to spill coffee on my shirt in the course of typing this post.  Please excuse me while I go change.



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