Crickets Chirping OR How I Underwhelmed All Mom-Blogs, EVER

For the past week + I’ve avoided blogging. I have nothing original to say.

  •  Should I write about “gratitude and ‘Happy Thanksgiving'”? Already said better by everybody. (So…ditto.)
  • What about “Advent!”? Better said by most bodies. (But I’m going to add my two cents later this week anyhow.)
  • I could write about “STRESS!!!”? Said by lots of people, again, better than me

I really don’t have much to add to that. So, you know, nothing new.

*crickets chirp*

And, when I start to think about it, I’m not even really traditionally stressed. Like hardly not at all. I had to think about that for a bit. Why? Well, mostly from a rare lack of involvement in anything and also excessive practice of extreme hermitess skills. And also I, in a weirdweirdweird act of non-procrastination, started thinking about Christmas gifts in October. And I finished ALL Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. Like completely finished. I know…I know…sometimes I look like I am applying for my Certified Grownup Card. Only not. Because I’m pretty sure we are not, again, sending out Christmas cards. (Did I ever tell you about the year that I ordered 100 photo cards…and didn’t send them out? No? Yeah, I was embarrassed for me, too.)

 So I thought you might like to know some very not-extraordinary things about our lives, lately.

  •  Parenting my five-year-old is mostly delightful, but also kicking my butt. More on that later once I figure out a way to share both the joys and migraines in a helpful/insightful/charitably-humorous-not-whiny manner. (Anyone else find that 5 years old is an incredibly sensitive and wonderful and creative and trying time?)
  • Teething bites. (sooooooo original, I know)
  • My 10 month old is about 10 seconds from walking. Scary.
  • As a family, we got to go to Portland right after Thanksgiving to see my mom, dad, and sister. My sister and I got to see each other for about all of 5 hours. Worth it. We also tried to take a family picture. At night. Faility-fail.
  • On Wednesday night/Thursday morning I had the stomach flu for about 5 hours in the middle of the night. I thought about using that as my excuse of “why I haven’t blogged for a week prior” but realized that 5 hours of vomiting and only one other child succumbing didn’t really qualify me to compare stories with…anybody…if I wanted to win that contest…which I don’t. ButattheTIME, I thought I was dying.
  • Today is the first day in 2 weeks that I have remembered to put on deodorant. (It is a testament to how boring our lives are and how little I am working out that no one close to me noticed or at least cared enough to comment.) In other, related, news: no one seems to care that I AM wearing it, either.

I know. I’m embarrassed for me, too.

Consider yourself officially underwhelmed.

back to regularly scheduled programming
back to regularly scheduled programming

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