Why I’m Starting a Bail Fund

I’m not being pessimistic. Really. I can’t say with certainty that my progeny won’t end up in jail, but I certainly am not anticipating it. Or assuming it.  Or worrying about it. Much. One day at a time. Everydangday.

Last night, though, as I tried yet again to tie Lo’s Tae Kwon Do belt…

someday I will tell you about the snafu that is Tae Kwon Do for us

(Lemmejustsay: Unsuccessfully. Lo is getting a reputation as the Karate-Kid-With-Belt-That-Comes-Undone-in-the-Middle-of-Class. Seriously. YouTube is not doing me any good in this department. And, also, I’ve figured out why I can’t teach my kids to tie their shoes. Apparently I’m challenged.)

…he leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. Sweetest kiss ever.

if he DOES get himself a mug shot…no bias…it will be theeee cutest

He must have read the surprise in my eyes, because he said, “Dat’s so dat when I do [go] to jail you bemember to tum and det me and tell them, “You let my tid outta dere!”

So I’m starting a savings account just in case, because, in the years to come, I’d hate to think of him sitting in a cell regretting the sweetest kiss he ever gave me.


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