Thursday Odds and Ends

1. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to get my act together to post Seven Quick Takes on Friday. So I’m writing them up today. And maybe linking up tomorrow. Rebel style. Or Extreme Procrastinator Who Overcompensates Rending All Semblance of Balance Ludicrous. You choose.  I go with Rebel.

rebels, the lot of us

2. I have a child who is boycotting pancakes. Now, this usually isn’t a problem because there aren’t many mornings that I make pancakes. Too much trouble. Not enough coffee. There are, however, some mornings where they ARE on the menu.  Because…well…GOSH! Because PANCAKES! Does there need to be a reason? His excuse is “I am too scared to try new food.” Now…before you come to my rescue with all sorts of advice…I KNOW.  I read Like Mother, Like Daughter and Catholic All Year (and I’ve read this one) so often that I should probably get them printed and laminated and house them on my reference shelf.  He really doesn’t get away with it. It’s a personality thing.  It challenges me. It challenges him. If I do my job, he (and me) should have FANTASTIC self-discipline.  We hope. Anyhow, in a moment of distracted weakness, when he said, “I’m too scared to try new foods.” I think I said, “Not my problem.” Oops.  So I wasn’t really surprised when I informed him that the play area was a mess and would he please clean it up, to hear the comeback, “Not my problem.” It wasn’t intended sassy (I don’t think), it was said more in a “I heard this and am trying it on for size.” So I got to apologize for being pert, and he got a lesson in Things We Don’t Say to Mom. But, seriously, what child doesn’t like pancakes and syrup?

this child. that's who.
this child. that’s who.

3. I was reading Bonnie’s latest post, and just about fell out of my chair because:

You GUYS! I feel like I’ve arrived! (UPDATE: I just realized I am nominated in TWO categories.  I’m up there in the Best Blog by a Mom. To whomever nominated this little space…you are just the nicest reader(s)!)

Go check Bonnie out.  But please don’t vote for me.  If you DO that means that I’m NOT the MOST Under Appreciated. Any votes only work towards a status of Most Appreciated of the Most Under Appreciated Blogs…SO lukewarm…

4. My little lady is about to turn 1. If I start tuh-DAY, I might get a nice little post up for her. If I don’t I will probably just repost her birth story. Which is the best birth story in all the land. But she’s a pretty incredible kid, and I want to document a few things.  Heck…if I am productive I might get both posted!

giant baby
giant baby

5. Did you notice that I’m officially a dot com? Yup! I switched over to Hopefully there are no problems. I can’t fix them if there are. I probably won’t even realize it. And I’ll just be sitting over here, blogging away while no one listens…firmly locking down my status as MOST Under Appreciated of All Under Appreciated Blogs.

IF you buy these salad servers, they will never be in the utensil drawer. the children are ONLY going to pretend that they are Wolverine
IF you buy these salad servers, they will never be in the utensil drawer. the children are ONLY going to pretend that they are Wolverine

6. Did you guys know that SOMEONE LINKED UP WITH MY LINK UP??  Yep. She did. She is a blogger among bloggers. I love her. I love her blog. In a non-creepy, bloggy kind of way.

Go read Laura’s post here. I put all her food ideas on my menu plan. You know. To try out. So I can test them. Make sure they are good. And take them. Someday.

7. I sprinkled in random pictures. Lazy Blogger here. Bonnie, if you need a new category idea for next year, I could have this category ALL locked up.

Am I linking up with Jen? Don’t know yet. Either way, go see all the non-rebellious bloggers…


7 thoughts on “Thursday Odds and Ends

  1. I had no idea you did a meal-giving link up, how fun! Just went and read yours–love those ideas, esp. the chocolate bars, Martinelli’s, and simple chicken breasts/rice. Also, laughed out loud at the Wolverine salad servers. I’ve long lost the battle of reclaiming my plastic colander–er, fireman’s hat.

  2. Silicon Pastry brush. Gone since 2010. Missed once a year when I try to be fancy and glaze cookies for a shiny finish at Christmas. Now the brush is used for sweeping, painting, tickling.

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