I’m joining in Jen’s 7 posts in 7 days resolve

because I’m sure that you needed help in having more ways to distract yourself from folding laundry. If you don’t need distraction, then may I please ship you my clean laundry so that you can fold it for me and ship it back? I’ll even put it up. It’s just that socks and sorting and coming to terms with the fact that I am the world’s worst folder…all these things…make me cry.

I’ve set my boys to work on memorizing things.  This was not really my idea. At our last (final) duty station, a good friend of mine was setting her young children to this task and her thought was that they are GOING to memorize things at this young age, so why not make it good poetry and prayers instead of mindless lyrics and ditties from TV shows. Good point. I watched her (then) 5yo recite ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ and was completely astonished. And, then, typical to my nature, thought, “But WE (meaning me) are not that motivated.” The idea stayed in the back of my head, but I did nothing about it until last September when we started school and memorization seemed like a doable subject to tackle.

Some things I’ve learned

  • If you say the same poem everyday in order to help your (non-reading) children learn it, you yourself will learn the poem. It strikes me that this is good for the ol’ noggin.
  • Children have fun memorizing things.
  • IF you are all working on a poem and IF you search Youtube to learn a little background on the poem or find a dramatization or recitation of said poem and IF you happen to find something funny instead and IF you show this to your children BEFORE they have finished learning the actual poem…
  • …then you should plan to be sidetracked for a long time. Or maybe that’s just because this particular clip happened to include lighting off firecrackers and my boys are particularly enthralled with things that explode.

Here we go, folks:

“Forward the Light Brigade!/ “Charge for the guns!” he said: /Into the valley of Death/ Rode the six hundred.

…or at least rides this little blogger.


One thought on “CHARGE!!

  1. Oh my goodness, Maia, I’d forgotten how hysterical (and adorable) the classic Little Rascals is! Way to go on memorizing things with your kiddos; I still remember a lot of fun stuff we memorized during my homeschooling days.

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