The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Breakfast: Tricksy Oatmeal

Bad blogger here, reporting in with no pictures. Bad blogger. Bad. Also rogue blogger as I’m posting from a remote location. We are all off kilter, but post I will. (Also, I just realized that my blog is stuck on Central Time, so if any of the 7X7 police are looking askance at my posting times, all I can say is that I am totally keeping up even if I get squeaky close to the daily deadlines, and I’m on Pacific Time.)

As we were getting ready to hit the road this morning, I realized that the kids needed to eat. They always need to eat it seems. Breakfast especially gets me. They just can’t seem to make do with a cup of coffee. And cereal just gets eaten too fast. Necessitating more frequent shopping. And before you know it, you are out of milk again. I especially dislike having my shopping habits held hostage by milk and cereal.

So. Eggs it is, if I have my way. Unfortunately, since breakfast happens before coffee, or at least is started before coffee has started, I often let these fatal words escape my mouth: ” What would you like best to eat?”

I do this because by this point in time I apparently haven’t graduated from Rookie Mom.

My kids smell weakness a mile off, and before I can back peddle, shout: “OATMEAL!!”

So. Oatmeal it is. *sigh*

But here’s where I get my revenge for them taking advantage of pre-caffeine stupidity. OR just ensure that they get some protein and, ideally, last longer until next required nourishment.

Tricksy Oatmeal

Boil water (I don’t measure. I eyeball everything. You boil the amount you need.)

While the water comes to a boil beat some eggs thoroughly. I use as few as one and as many as four (in oatmeal for 1 adult, 2 boys, 1 baby). Set aside.

Add oatmeal into boiling water (Again, I eyeball everything. Make oatmeal the way you make it for your crew.)

Using a ladle or measuring cup, spoon a bit of boiling water and oats into the eggs. I believe this is called tempering, but you might want to Phone-a-French-Chef before you quote me on that. Spoon a little, wisk a little, spoon a little, wisk a little, until the eggs are (slowly) quite warm. If they don’t get warm enough slowly enough they will just look scrambled.

Once they get warm enough you stir the eggs+oatmeal into the pot of oatmeal and stir until it’s thick and creamy.

Confession: sometimes I don’t get them warm enough, and you can kinda tell that this is basically scrambled-eggs-in-oatmeal but them I just tell the boys that they can read Lego brochures at the table, which means they won’t scrutinized their food. That works quite well. If I DO get them warm enough, then it makes the oatmeal all creamy and pudding-y. But I’ll probably still let them read Lego brochures just to keep them from walking me through the ingredient list before I’ve finished my coffee.

Add-ins that are good (bordering on great):
1) a swirl of maple syrup (honey or brown sugar are ok, but maple syrup is grand)
2) raisins or other dried fruit
3) chia seeds (these are GREAT for nursing mamas…energy, calcium, magnesium, fiber and all that)
4) flax seed and/or coconut

So far none of the troops have complained. Not that complaints would do them any good. Muahahahahaha.


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