How to survive 7X7

After posting every. day. last week (yes, I did, even if the posting times on my blog don’t show that I did), I thought this would be a nice week to post a-little-less-than-seven-maybe-closer-to-four times. But unless I post every day, that’s not happening. And that’s not happening. But I did want to check in and tell you:

  1. I started to write a post yesterday, and I was very nearly finished with a mediocre piece. I was going to post it, in all its mediocrity. It DID have pictures. So…aiming real high right here.
  2. Someone pressed the rocker switch on the surge protector.
  3. Jesus saves.
  4. I don’t. Obviously.
  5. If you decide to blog 7 posts in 7 days, for your own sanity, catch up on blog reading prior to starting. I’m just NOW getting to posts written 16 days ago, and I generally like and am able to stay current and commenting on the blogs that I love.

That’s pretty much all I got. Now, excuse me, I gotta get back to blog READING.


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