7 Things you Probably Could Skip Reading

I have approximately seven random odds and ends to talk about. So here I was thinking, “Well, I’ll just throw up a mashmish sort of post.” When I realized that it’s Friday. And there’s an app…erm…linkup…for that. Also, this sinus crud is making me dingy. No medicine required.  Read at your own risk. Or go click away to more edifying reading.


Polling the readership for teaching reading ideas.  We are pretty laid back here. Buuuuut…the 4yo taught himself to read. And the 5yo is sort of flabbergasted (as are we all). And after my voice gave out while reading On the Banks of Plum Creek, he forlornly requested his little brother to finish up reading. Early this am, Li was by my bed with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, asking if we could, “please do this today.” And I wanted to run for the hills screaming.  We tried this book and the hangup was all me. Halp!


Sorry, Kendra. I just HAVE to post about poop today.

After attempting to direct life, “from the throne”, as it occurred on the other side of the bathroom door, I instructed Liam that, “You may NOT run life while you sit on the toilet.”

Li: *pause*
Li: ok, then, but there are two sharks swimming in the toilet, and I might not make it.
Li: *pause*
Li: oh, never mind. They are after my poop.

it’s a whole new perspective on SharkTank over here…

next week on Shark Tank…


I had a dream that I looked absolutely amazing in hats. We are talking incredible.  I’m not sure that I’ve dreamt that something that farfetched since I dreamt, at age 12, that I could swim in air. I’m sure that dreams of this nature mean that one can achieve anything. Or that one needs more sleep.


How to Stir Peanut Butter

just kidding

I actually was going to write a whole post on that. (This sore throat/sinus thing is clouding my ok-judgement). But I’m just going to spare you the gory details and just boil it down for you:

  1. Stir (the natural stuff) by moving the knife up and down a bit to get yourself started and then pop it in the fridge for a half an hour or so in order to solidify the oils a bit and make it not so gloopy. Then pull it back out and finish the job.
  2. You didn’t need me to actually expand that into three steps for you, did you? Nope. Didn’t think so.
half-way stirred peanut butter is still ok to make a sandwich with
half-way stirred peanut butter is still ok to make a sandwich with


Anybody else happen to notice that The Blair Witch Project is “NOW on Amazon Instant Video”? I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around anyone putting energy towards even clicking on that, much less doing whatever it is they do to put it on AIV.


Our Ash Wednesday Mass was combined Spanish/English. One reading was in English, the other in Spanish. Our priest is from Colombia, and he flows in and our of Spanish and English beautifully. When the lector started reading the 2nd reading in Spanish, Li suddenly perked up and, loud enough for 3-pew-radius (3PRs for those of you who calculate everything your children say in Mass Volume), piped, “Is he talking GERMAN?!?!” (That’s the language, other than English that he gets most exposure to.)
Maia: *whispering* no, honey, that’s Spanish
Li: *NOT whispering* oh WOW! I can’t even BEGIN to understand what he’s talking!!

And, yet, this is the child who yells out “Vamanos!” when he wants his little brother to follow him on the playground…


I’m off to try ALL THE REMEDIES to get this sore throat/sinus crud gone.  I asked to be allowed to cantor for my grandmother’s funeral (Monday), and I would love to be partially-voiced if I can’t be full-voiced. So far I’ve been drinking ACV and honey, hot liquids, tried a little oregano oil this am out of desperation, steam baths, going to go gargle with salt and do a saline sinus rinse. Rest. Fluids. What am I missing?

other things I am capable of doing when I'm sick include burning the Ash Wednesday lentil soup…I call it "Let's See What Else We Can Turn To Ashes Soup"
other things I am capable of doing when I’m sick include burning the Ash Wednesday lentil soup…I call it “Let’s See What Else We Can Turn To Ashes Soup”

~bonus take~

(Yes, I realized I could have deleted any one of these, including this one. But I’m committed to the ludocrisy at this point.) (Yes, we are just going to make “ludocrisy” a word.)

During one of our many discussions on Lent and Ash Wednesday (which always seem to occur in the car, which might account for my children’s understanding of things), Li finally declared: Well, then, I’ll just give up picking my nose.

Maia: um…
Li: Yeah! Because I pick my nose aaaalllll the time. And I really need to stop.

So, back the drawing board we go. And by drawing board I DO mean the Lenten wisdom of Like Mother, Like Daughter. Although, I have to say that I support his efforts to stop picking his nose.

Also, my apologies to Kendra. I think I might have broken every single one of your rules. Which I didn’t mean to. Because I think your list is awesome.


9 thoughts on “7 Things you Probably Could Skip Reading

  1. For the sinus thing, take lots of Vitamin D. When I’m sick, I take 8,000 IU a day.. Vitamin D is really the key to curing all sinus/cold type things. A bunch of raw garlic would help a lot too. I eat 3 cloves at a time (several times a day), wrapped in bread or something else to make it more palatable.

    And, I actually appreciate your peanut butter tips. Sad to say, I shy away from natural peanut butter because of the difficulty stirring. Yes, I am super lazy. So, I actually appreciate the tips.

    • I’m so glad the PB tips helped. I sorta cringed re-reading them, so I’m glad you got something out of it!
      I was at 4000IU for vit D but maybe need to up? This cough hangs on and on and on. The raw garlic I did to the point of my stomach turning!

  2. Hillllaaaaaaarious. Ludicrosy aside, you are one of the funniest writers out there.

    Maia, I seriously hope you’re better by now, but if not, get some chicken broth, lots of garlic, and a bottle of Xlear nasal spray.

    Reading: hmmm. I’m sort of all over the place with that. Have you seen the CHC mini books? Little Stories for Little Folks? I have a whole set of them in the garage if you’d like to give them a try.

    Finally, and most importantly: how can I sign up for emails from your blog. Oh wait. Duh. I just saw the check box below. We’ll see if that works.

    • I still have a cough that is hanging on. Two of the kids have it now, and it breaks my heart to see Ami all goopy!

      I’ll look into the CHC mini books. Like I mentioned in another reply, I keep hoping that this all is as easy as curling up and reading on the couch all day. #lazymom

      That’s a good question about signing up for emails. I DID have it on the main page, but when I changed things around it might have disappeared. Did you figure it out? I know with a WP account you can “follow”…I’m going to figure this out this afternoon.

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