Crickets chirp…

Mom and Girl

“I’ll take Crickets Chirp, Alex, for $500”.

“In this place, one can hear crickets chirp.”

“What is Maia’s blog?”

“That is correct.”


Sometimes you get to the point where you fall into bed at night and you just can’t be creative.

And there are so many things one COULD say, but one isn’t quite sure how much the blog world needs to know (wants to know?)

Or you take time to finish off Lent with a little more walkie and a little less talkie.

Or all of the above.

The natural ebb and flow of a blog. 

(Also, for the record, for the past week and a half, for some reason Bloglovin’ just WILL not work on my phone and keeps declaring “invalid hash” when I try to open it. And I don’t even have any clue what that means. So all my blog-reading and blog-lovin’ has been on a hiatus. Mea culpa, my blog friends. I’ll be back on the commentin’ wagon soon.)


In the meantime here is an interview update between me, myself, and a magic eight ball:

Are you still living in a studio apartment?

Without a doubt


Do you have plans to move soon?

Ask again later


How many bottoms would you say that you wipe in a day? 

Better not tell you now


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