jumping rope

Do you remember playing jump rope when you were a kid? I remember watching (might have been on Mister Rogers or Sesame Street???) kids jump double dutch. I tried (read: bossed) the neighbor kids into trying to learn double dutch. But…coordination…or something.

We did get the hang of jumping with one long rope. Taking turns, you remember, a child on each end, and someone else skipping through.  Do you remember how you would watch the rope and wait for the right moment to jump in?

I’ve started a lot of “re-entry” posts here and deleted every single one. I feel like I have lost my voice. Anyhow, this is the world’s shortest pity post and purely intended to break the ice a little so that I can sidle up to the fishing hole and drop my line in and YOU can pretend that I have been here the whole time. For a friend, right?


4 thoughts on “jumping rope

  1. I lived around a bunch of kids who could double Dutch. I never could. In fact, I never even learned to jump in; I could only start from inside the rope. So yeah. Coordination.

    At any rate, I know exactly what you mean about re-entry. I’m glad you’re back, however you got here. Hugs.

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