notes from the booth…

notes from the booth…the phone booth, that is.

…because (you guessed it), I am phoning this in.

…because it’s Monday.

…and because this is my writing face today:

writing face

  • It’s not for lack of trying, though, you know. You know who is great for writing inspiration? This lady. And this post that she wrote. Heart-eyed emojis for days.
  • Do you read The Mom Edit? Did you catch this post? If I needed any motivation to not take swimsuit try-on photos, this article was it. The logic follows, of course, that I should probably stop taking photos of my teeth so that I can remove the chia seed inevitably stuck there. Real life, y’all. Real. Life.
  • I keep announcing (to myself) that I am NOT going to buy any books from Amazon during {insert current month}. And then something happens…someone mentions…I remember…and all of a sudden…there I am…opening up an Amazon box…
  • I mention this because I was over at Kelly’s place reading THIS post, and I realized how ohmygosh Kelly and I could be, like, related!…and gosh she is funny!…and… GOSH!…I need to read this book…SEE! it happens just like that!
  • So, I’m telling you guys that I am not buying any books from Amazon this month (ahem…June…ahem).
  • But if I WERE going to, I would go to someone’s blog (I often click over here or here or here because you can find their affiliate links quickly) and use their affiliate link. Because support your local blogger, yo. What bloggers do you like to help support?

Squeaking under the Monday wire here, folks! Thank goodness for Pacific Coast livin’!

blog title photo credit: Phone Booth via photopin (license)


4 thoughts on “notes from the booth…

  1. Even if you’re just phoning it in, I still love reading you 🙂 And YES with the buying of books – and I don’t even end up reading them!!! I’m a mess and should probably stop with the purchasing until I’ve actually read through my massive stack…

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