pointing you in other directions

There is nothing like a “spend freeze month” to make you drool over things you can’t buy.

I have this one on the wish list from Rakhi of RakStarDesigns:

RakStarDesigns Etsy Hail Mary

Katrina’s Hatch Prints is covet-worthy, especially this one:

Hatch Prints Etsy Offer It Up

My kids need me to buy this, dontcha think?

(For the record, I’m still head over heels with the two that I already purchased…Hatch Prints Etsy Pray Hope and Don't Worry

Hatch Prints Etsy God Walks Among the Pots and Pans

So there’s that. It’s funny how saying that you won’t buy anything means that you suddenly find yourself dreaming more fiercely about beautiful things and cameras and vacuums. No? Yes? Surely you drool over those same things, too.

Lucky for me, while I remain strong in the buying department, I have some beautiful new blogs and new-to-me writers to boost me this week. So I am pointing on your way to:

Brittany Calavitta writes at Live in the Longing. And, you guys, if the title of that blog doesn’t just pull you in, then go do some spot reading (I loved this post). Aesthetic blog, beautiful words.

Friends and acquaintances launched a blog, Brave New Family, today, and they did a great job of populating their blog with many read-worthy posts so you can click-click over and then click-click around for there is plenty to read and something for everyone. (Don’t believe me on that last claim? Go test it. Go ahead. I dare you.)

And on that note, I am signing off from web-writing to do some soul-writing. Good night, friends!

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