Once upon a time, back when I was young and wild and a little dreamy, I planned to be a pirate.

Not the piracy part (too messy).

Not the eye patch part (contacts will suit me just fine, thanks).

Especially not the bird-on-the-shoulder part (I mostly have a tolerate/hate relationship with birds – mixed with occasional appreciation for ones of the hummingbird variety).

we should probably just forget this ever happened

But I was thinking definitely the boat part. And probably the rum part. And maybe a little walking-the-plank part (just for fun).

I thought that I would get meself a boat,

and whomever wished to join me, and find my way to a little spot in Belize.

I was thinking X marked the spot here

Maybe have a little orange grove.

don't laugh at the city kid - I'm not even sure that orange groves happen in Belize
don’t laugh at the city kid – I’m not even sure that orange groves happen in Belize

This way there would be juice to mix with the rum.


Instead of sailing the seven seas (or at least Corozal Bay), I married my man.

humor-wife-with-camera face
humor-the-wife-with-camera face

In the course of learning that marriage is the gosh-darn-hardest thing I ever got myself into, I fell in love with God and Catholicism when I didn’t even know I was lukewarm (sorry, didn’t get a picture of that).

Still babies ourselves, we had a kid.

oh my!

Or two.

oh my, again!

I had to start learning, in a hurry, what the vocation of matrimony (making mothers) entails.  Thanks to the Army, I made friends that I will treasure forever, and I started blogging (with one of them!) at Flowers Round the Cross where my lovely co-blogger, Ute, and I blogged about Real Presence Army Wives (I totally just came up with that!!!) also known as Catholic life in the military (love you, Ute! my life is blogger-icious because of you!). My family got stationed in South Korea (took a plane, not a boat). We suffered a little bit and then a lot of and then a little bit more heartbreak. Had another kid.

doncha know what causes these things?

God-willing there will be a whole heap more o’ them.

Now that our family won’t be going where the Army bids us, I’m leaving Flowers Round the Cross and hanging up my sign here.

Life is never dull, and I guess I’m not done talkin’.

aren’t you lucky

Through it all I’ve discovered a few things:

  1. God really does always provide.
  2. I can’t organize or decorate to save my life.
  3. I fly by the seat of my pants.
  4. I get flustered easily.
  5. I am lazy.
  6. Anything great or big or grand in my life really does come from God.

Today, I still dream of stealing away to Belize with my home-grown crew to swim and eat oranges.  We’ve traded the rum dream for a reality that we face one day at a time. Boats are a lot of work, and we are lazy so we have probably retired that dream, too.

In the interim, I have to remember that:

  1. “from little things, big things grow”
  2. all I have are little hands; nothing I do is big
  3. One. Day. At. A. Time.

oh, yeah, and God really does always provide.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! 🙂 the boys are getting so big and what a beautiful little princess you ave! I’m so happy for you Maia! (We are STILL in Korea btw) 🙂 but God is good and I know he’s got a plan for us!

  2. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I’m so glad I did! It’s so nice to “see” you! And good heavens, those babies are still as sweet as ever (and there’s 3 of them)!

  3. i am awed – how exciting a trek it is – from dream to reality 1. 2. 3. 4. +++ above all, God + Catholicism with intense grace and humor – yes from little grow big – and 1. Day. At. A. Time. Bless u heute and always!!!

  4. Maia, maybe we’ll see you in Belize!! On Glenn Beck’s show, they run ads about how that’s a great place to live–and if our government gets any more intrusive, perhaps we’ll escape and relocate there (but only if our boys and their families will join us).

    By the way, I nominated you for a LIebster Award today on my blog. 🙂

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