7 Quick Takes: Feeding the Hungry

Linking up with Jen today QUICKLY to shine a little light on a (*ahem*) totally unlinked to link up, the How to Feed a Friend Link-Up. So, self promotion and all that being what it is, I’m now using a link up to shed light on the fact that I’m linking to my own link up. How embarrassing. But I have no shame.

1.  A few days ago, I noticed that Jen insta’d a picture of a menu of a meal she took to a friend. Which made me think about my neglected little link-up. Linking up with Meals Taken, Meals Received can be as easy as that, just snapping a picture. I love seeing the ideas others have for taking meals.

So…have you taken a meal? Received a meal? Snap a quick photo and do a quick write up and then link-a-doodle-do! It’s not bragging…it’s sharing ideas, because people like me need all the inspiration we can get!

2.  A new friend of mine has a new little one in addition to a toddler.  So a few weeks ago (before the plague hit my house) I took a simple meal over. I took my inspiration from a meal that a friend brought to us when Amélie was born, simple chicken with a bottle of BBQ sauce. I used to HATE BBQ sauce. But when my friend brought plain chicken with a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s on the side, my postpartum taste buds decided that this crack in a bottle would taste good on everything. Everything. Lara, if you ever read this, you started an addiction…

3.  I kept this meal embarrassingly simple and added a pack of steam in the bag frozen veggies. In the hopes that this would be toddler-friendly. I’ve never used these, so I’m hoping these worked out.

4.  For various reasons, I don’t usually gift alcohol. Instead, I included a bottle of Martinelli’s. Because new babies are always a cause for celebration. And Martinelli’s screams, “SPECIAL OCCASION!!!” to me.

5.  I am pretty much in love with Kind bars AND Über bars. I kept these around because postpartum and nursing metabolism catches my blood sugar off guard, and I can go from “fine” to “not fine” really easily. The Über bars were on sale, so I added these in and also some kid snack bars because I know it’s tough to have a hungry toddler when mama is busy figuring out a feeding schedule.

6.  These particular friends are also from the Portland, OR area, so I picked this chocolate bar with that detail in mind.

7.  Kinda the most important part: baked chicken breast, very lightly seasoned, in a disposable container. Last thing I’d want to do is add dish and return duty to their plate.

I snapped this photo just seconds before leaving. But I PROMISE there is chicken under that steamed-up lid!

Ta-da! Embarrassingly simple but this is something I challenge myself to do (and actually DO it and not just relegate it to the land of good intentions) now because I have experienced the love that poured through all the meals we have been blessed to receive ourselves. What little touches do you add to taken meals? What little touches have you appreciated? Go link up!

How to Feed a Friend

meals link up button

Maybe this should read, “How to Feed and Be Fed”.

I’m not sure.

I am also not sure about how wild I am about the “button”.  I’m only a graphic designer in my dreams, y’all.

If you missed the post in which I discussed MEALS!!!, you can find it here. Read the rambly logic of it all. All posts are welcome.  I have heaps o’ appreciation for posts that cover nitty, gritty details like Kathryn posted here and just as much for the posts that cover how to still be generous when life is nitty and gritty, like Rachel posted here.  Love is in the details and love is in giving when the giving is tough, even if the giving doesn’t look as perfect as one had hoped.

The “rules” are as follows:

1) Write up your post on a meal you are taking or a meal you have received.

2) Include all the details that make this meal truly a labor of love.

3) Pictures are 142% encouraged.

4) Grab the button if you want.  Only if you want to.  And if you got mad-styling-graphic skills and more-time/patience-than-me, hit me up to prettify that thing up there.

5) Tell yo friends.  The more people to post, the more ideas I…me…I mean WE…have when push-comes-to-shove-baby-is-out-time-to-make-a-meal! (Meals for any sort of occasion, happy or sad, are welcome.)

6) Use the tool below to link up your post so we (read: me) have allthegoodideas in one, blessed spot.

7 Quick Takes — A Hurry-Up Edition

Joining Jen with 7QTs

Friday startles me every week. I’m giving myself 30 minutes to finish these. (In case I need to say it, any Amazon links are affiliate.)


Did you notice that I posted this week?  I did!  I did!  I’m thinking to do a link-up of meals we’ve taken and meals that we’ve received. Would you join?  Read here to see what I’m thinking. Won’t you weigh in?

we DO like to eat…


In the aforementioned earlier post, I mentioned that I would be starting a Pinterest board of takeable meals.  You can find that new board here. On the subject of Pinterest…I’m reorganizing my Pinterest boards.  Because, you know, I might have (traces of) insanity.  Who in their right mind decides that their Pinterest boards are too cluttered?  No one in their right mind.  That’s who.


One of my favorite bloggers is in the midst of a great cause. She is running to raise money and awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Go check out her fundraiser page and read about SMA; click around and read her family’s story.

What can you do to offer support?


I know that, if you are reading this, you probably are aware that Pope Francis has called for a day of prayer and fasting for Syria. You can read his plea here. I’m guilty of playing the “I’m breastfeeding” (or “I’m pregnant”, when it applies) card.  So tomorrow, on 7 September 2013, this breastfeeding mama is cutting out “extracurricular” snacks and goodies as well as my coffee and cream.  How will you respond to the call for prayer and fasting?


After mentioning A Mother’s Rule of Life: How to Bring Order to Your Home and Peace to Your Soul in my Five Favorites on WednesdayI started thinking: (Folks, I’m reawy, reawy great at starting thinking!) I love sharing books.  I often buy multiple copies of my favorites that have helped me and inspired me and pass them along when I come across someone who wants to read them. In this phase of life, we really have to watch our spending (and the funnynotfunny thing about watching my spending is that I get less and less to watch because I become more and more aware how lucygoosy I am about it) but I am finding myself still wanting to share my favorites.  Wouldn’t a book swap be fun? Along the lines of paperbackswap.com, but on a smaller scale?  I know many of us read similar blogs, and how fun would it be to write your name in a book, send it along to another blogger, who can read it, write their name in it, and pass it along?  I make little notes in my books (courtesy of my Grandmother who always thought it appropriate to write in a book so long as one was not earmarking pages).  I love to read the notes others have written.  And I think it would be so fun to see the list of bloggers who are sharing the books.  Et toi? (And, Rosie, this is my roundabout way of asking you to PM me your address so I can send you my copy…)


I’m struggling with hobbies. Namely, I get a little distracted in life, and I truly enjoy learning new hobbies.  But I tend to pile on too many new ones.  This week, after finishing up my Photoshop 101 class for nicolesclasses.com, I decided that I reallyreallyreally want to learn about Illustrator.  In another, more talented, life, I would have loved to pursue a career in design.  Alas, I lack the detail-orientedness and general talent in that direction.  Right now I try to juggle photography, learning about photoshop, various online classes, blogging, occasionally sewing, reading…and ukelele.  I just love that last one.  But I love them all.  The wise Jennifer Fulwiler once wrote…somewhere…that she had to learn to NOT pick up too many hobbies, because there was no way balance it all (badly paraphrased, my apologies, Jen, I can’t remember what post that was in). I’m guilty of chasing after a new thing with the attention span of a squirrel.  And I WONDER why my house and brain get too cluttered!


One of my little guys got a bee sting last week. I felt like mentioning it because a) I didn’t blog about it and b) another of my favorite bloggers mentioned a bee sting. Of course she mentioned LAST week in her 7QTs LAST week.  But I got behind in reading and only read it yesterday.  So.  You know.  Important.  Anyhooooo….I bring this all up because it was our family’s first bee sting.  (In the interest of disclosure, apparently my husband got stung several times as a youth.  But I have never been stung.  So…it’s all about moi.) My heart sorta broke for my son because I had just told him, “Don’t bother them, and they won’t bother you.” And so there he was…not bothering a bee…and the bee stung him.  While he was trying to shield his little sister from bugs and bees.  So he cried.  I mighta cried.  We googled (“how to take care of a bee sting”).  And everyone lived to tell the tale.

a spider…

As a side note: I felt more than a little guilty that I could not sympathize with bee sting pain. However every. living. spider. on the block seems to be finding me and biting me.  So I’m a gonna call it somewhat even.


That’s all she wrote, folks. Don’t ask me why I want to end every post with that, feeling slightly clever until I realize I am totally unoriginal.


Do I have your attention? Oh, good, I was hoping all caps would do that.

So here is my thought:

Remember when Auntie Leila wrote about (and talked about for those lucky D.C.ers!) forming community and bringing meals? (Julie did a write up here.) Well, I’ve had this on the brain since then. I discovered how food speaks a few years ago when we were in Korea and miscarried and then, again, a few months ago when little A was born. We were on the receiving end of some amazing generosity and delicious meals. It’s really powerful how feeding the hungry helps to form tight bonds in a community. The fact that acts of charity end up feeding the chef as much (if not more) than the eater is a beautiful testament to how God’s mandates are for freedom and happiness instead of restriction and suffering.

At any rate, I’ve got food and putting down roots/forming community on the brain since we moved. Between Julie mentioning meal she took , and the mom of an old friend mentioning how her daughter has an awesome community that pulled together to make meals in a time of need, and remembering the delicious meals WE received, and remembering the eeetsy-beetsy problem that I cook kinda weird….

…I hatched a plan. And, so, I have a question for you:

If I were to put up an on-going link-up (or maybe continually updated post with links?) for meals we take and meals we receive, would you play along?

See, I love to take meals, but I’m also kinda clueless most of the time in addition to cooking kinda weird AND am self-conscious about inflicting weird meals on others.

You know how want to Bring A Meal, and so you ask the recipient, “What do you like to eat?!” And they say, “oh whatever…” Or you log into the mealtrain (or similar service) account and they don’t even have any allergies or likes or dislikes listed? These things cause terror in my soul and crickets chirping where inspiration ought to be.

I loved when we got meals from people who thought out plastic utensils, breakfasts, snacks, other little details that made the meal even more valuable. These little details add such love! It’s awesome (to me) when you smarties share your wisdoms with me, of the slows population.

What I would love to have, in one place, are ideas for these deliverable meals. Now, if this was all I really wanted, I could just start a Pinterest board (and that’s not a half bad idea…think I’ll go do that…), but I want to take that meal idea the step further and see how YOUR communities are being fed.

SO…if I built it (the post), would you come? Would you take pictures and link to recipes? Would you share meals you take? Would you include the details? (I love how Kathryn shared her meal idea here.) Would you do a write up (when you are able) of meals you received and loved?

Would you? Could you?
In a post?
Eat them! Write them!
Just like toast!

I’ll leave you on that Green Eggs and Ham-inspired rambling. Talk to me, though. Would you be interested?